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Dodo Toucan – ceramic animals

Dodo Toucan

How adorable are these ceramics animals? Dodo Toucan was launched in 2015 and since then every piece is individually hand crafted in Paris by designer Sara Theron.

I am especially in love with the softness that Sara gives her creatures. Adding some lovely colour to our everyday decor. And yes I am aware that ceramics are not the best for little hands. Put these on the shelf to add some bright and happy decoration.

Something delicate and original. Every piece is an original!

My favourites are these wall hanging masques. True heirloom pieces.
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Forivor – for magical sleep


If this is not the perfect post for the week heading straight to Christmas then I don’t know. Magical bedding! Like truly fairytale like bedding.

Forivor was established in 2014 by Rebecca Attwood and Alice Ross in London, UK.

Rebecca wanted to create a beautiful, ethical and sustainable product. Alice brought her distinctive illustrations to the brand. Together they want to inspire magical sleep. Isn’t this the sweetest business idea ever?

Many of us remember our first duvets with fondness. We hope Forivor’s bedding will become long-lasting family heirlooms, whose magic is passed from one generation to the next. For us this is about storytelling that links one generation to the next but also about reducing waste to landfill.’
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CIFF Kids winter edition 2017 {lifestyle brands}


Last week I shared some cool international brands that will show at CIFF Kids in February 2017.

Today it is the lifestyle section that we will give some attention.

Scandinavian kids lifestyle brands to be more precise! I am so happy that CIFF Kids decided to add this very important section. The interior part is growing constantly and there are more and more really great brands out there. {just think back a few years ago, choice was rather limited when it came to bedding for example – stylish bedding}
Here are five really cool Scandinavian lifestyle brands that you check out when coming to CIFF Kids next February:
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The best chairs for kids

The best chairs for kids

Yesterday evening I was in the mood to compile a selection. A selection of something essential. Something everyone has at home. That we need and use every day.

And where I can show you different styles and great products that will make your day-to-day family life a little more beautiful. Let’s talk about chairs. I found some really great styles for various age groups and tastes.

I am sure there is something you will like on this list of the best chairs for kids!

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Main Sauvage

Main Sauvage

There is something about soft toys that make them hard to resist.

They are cute, soft or probably both. And everyone goes ‘awwwwww’ and before you know it you have a nice little collection at home and your first child is only 2 months old.
And then there are soft toys that are cute and soft and just incredible stylish. More like an accessory! A decor object!

One of these cool friends you can find at Main Sauvage.
A young French brand of fun and hip soft toys for kids {and their parents}. Made in small quantities these friends are Eco-friendly and help to preserve traditional skills.

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