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Merry Christmas, best of 2017 and some great finds!

long blue straw

Good Morning!
It is Friday, it is just two days before Christmas, it is time for a Friday list and also time for a little round up of 2017.

After that I will take a little break – maybe share a post or two and probably post something on Instagram too. But overall, it will be a little more quiet here.

And then in January – fresh start. New collections, fair trade season, new theme for the next shooting with Maru and and and…

2017 was full of happenings and events. Fairs, many trips, shootings, new projects and 2018 looks very promising already as well.

Thank you all for following, encouraging, supporting and for helping to realize ideas and dreams!

Top: Beautiful watercolor illustrations by Long Blue Straw!
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5 fun kids rooms with a touch of red

kids room christmas
Six more days. The Christmas spirit is here, the mood is on and I am ready.
How about you?
On Boxing Day we will take the train and go to Germany. A little road trip that will start in the North and then will bring us all the way ‘down’… the only thing left to organize is the ‘how to get back to Sweden’ part. We shall see and we are even thinking about a little stopover via Amsterdam. We have not really been back since we moved and especially Antoine is asking sometimes to go and see where we lived and where he was born.

I will keep you posted!

And back to the Christmas part because today I gathered 5 fun rooms that all have something red. Red like Christmas, I thought it would be fun for this week.
And somehow red really grew on me this year.

There is one really festive room that will definitely put you in the right mood in case you still cannot believe that Santa is just around the corner.

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The colorful family home of Chloe Fleury

The colorful family home of Chloe Fleury
Welcome! It is Tuesday and today I am taking you on a tour through a fresh and colorful family home.
It is the home of Chloé Fleury , her husband, Mehdi, and their two daughters.
Chloe is an illustrator and prop stylist and grew up in Lyon, France. Today she lives in Los Angeles {just moved there from San Francisco this year}. She makes colorful three-dimensional paper objects and her home is just as fun and bright as her work.

Her husband is half Moroccan and you can see things throughout the house from Morocco. Beautiful rugs, poufs and some pillows.

Add some vintage rattan furniture, IKEA finds {yes finds!} and of course Chloe’s paper objects and you have a fun, happy and playful family home.

The first batch of images is actually from their ‘old’ home in San Francisco:
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7 kids rooms with fun chalkboard walls

kidsroom blackboard wall

Hello! How are you? I picked up a big fat cold on Sunday evening and I am not enjoying it. Haha, who does… but really. When your head feels like one big cloud and there is some kind of super full moon happening at the same time {my kids go a little more crazy than usual during full moon} then the good old cup of tea is not much of a big help.

And since we spend a bit more time indoors these weeks, short days, rain, cold and wind… I thought that these chalkboard walls are good ideas to entertain the kids.

What do you think? Do you have one in your house maybe?
I think it is a good way to support creativity and to express yourself whenever you feel like…

These rooms picked up the idea in really cool ways:

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A family home in pastel

A family home in pastel

Oh hello. I am really hoping that your day is brighter than mine. Looking out of the window I feel like it is 4pm already. It is pouring down with rain, it is dark and chances are high that we will not see much light for the rest of the day either. Absolutely not my favorite period of the year.

And that is why I will show you this fun family home, based close to Gothenburg, today. Bright, happy, colorful and the absolute opposite of the minimalism you are used to from Scandinavia.

Owners are Julia and Viktor and they live here with their children Estrid and Sven. On a small island in the Gothenburg archipelago. It measures just two kilometers from one side to the other and has 1,500 inhabitants.

They bought the house in 2010 and began the renovation. They transformed the floor plan, created two kids rooms out of a big bedroom, the dark kitchen got light and space and yet they have been careful to preserve the house’s old-fashioned feel.

The renovation is actually still ongoing. Step by step and slow. Making sure to pay attention to details!

Let’s have a look and take a tour. You will see, every picture is bringing you a  lot of inspiration, ideas and details:
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