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The 8 best kids rooms with canopies

kidsroom with canopy
Good Morning! It is Interior Tuesday and I have some really nice rooms for you today. Rooms with canopies. I know they are a little bit all over but they are lovely and can really transform a room. To a cosy space. And kids love it.
That is a fact.

A lovely spot to hide away, relax, read a book, play and and and…

And you can find them in so many colors now, that there is truly something for everyone. From girly to cool, from colorful to black or white.

{Top photo via Emma Fischer.}
Lots of greys including the grey canopy. Neutral, sophisticated and great for tweens too.

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Five charismatic kids rooms

kids rooms

Hello Tuesday. Are you ready for another round of beautiful kids interiors? I like that these rooms all look so ‘real’ – like a family really lives here, with kids playing, making a mess sometimes and leaving their toys all over the place…

Above is a lovely Vintage room. How many generations have slept in that bed you think? Love the little dress on the wall too…
Treasuries really make great decoration too!
A very special room that leaves room for creativity and imagination.

Photo: Jonas Gustavsson

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The October Edit – Friday list

Bonton A/W 2017
It is Friday, mid October. The storm is going on outside, I drink a lot of tea during the day and I am ready to embrace Autumn. Warmer clothes and everything.

How are you doing?

In a week I am off to Utrecht for our second shooting with Maru Alvarez from kidsphy – so exciting. We are fully booked!

I will try my best to share some behind the scenes on my IG & stories.

I am also working on something big that I will reveal soon. Stay tuned and cosy!
Top image: From Bonton’s – Exploring Himalaya collection. {photo:Jennifer Sath}

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Emily Slotte’s family universe

Emily Slotte's family universe
Hej! It is Interior time again and while you enjoy this beautiful home I am at the dentist with Antoine. He had a little bike accident end of last week and broke one of his front tooth. Just a little corner and I think nobody notices actually but…. ouch.

Poor little guy was so shocked…

But back to this dreamy world that belongs to Emily Slotte!

All shades of grey… with some white highlights and lots of natural light making everything look so soft and romantic. What do you think?

Can you imagine living the grey life?
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5 magical kids rooms

kids rooms

Good Morning and yes – it is Tuesday and we are in for a new round of fantastic kids interiors. Or magical, I think they are all rather magical. What do you think?

I really love to get a glimpse into somebody’s home. We all have different tastes and lifestyles. Our kids are all different and enjoy various interests. We combine our past with our ‘now’ and make our home as comfortable as possible.

And isn’t interesting to see how all these things come together and look like?

I hope you are as intrigued by interiors as I am. Are you? Here in Sweden it is a really normal thing to give people that visit you for the first time a tour around your house. So funny. You come in and off you go through the bedroom, toilet and other spaces until you are back to square one and asked if you would like a drink.


Above: A fun space with many vintage finds and the famous Sebra bed. The Moroccan carpets are from Casa Marrakech and the  planet mobile from Artillery.

Styling: Karolina Vertus
Photo: Marcus Lawett


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