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Colourful chalkboard walls

Colourful chalkboard walls
We all love to create a fun and interesting home for our families. Cosy, stylish and full of life. If we can add some creative aspects – perfect!

An easy option is the famous chalkboard wall. I showed you some inspiring spaces already and I still think that this one of the best solutions. And you know what, the whole chalkboard wall thing just got better. Like a million times better.

Because Farrow & Ball is now in the game too. On the top of the game actually because now you can get chalkboard paints in all colours of the rainbow. The Farrow & ball rainbow if you know what I mean. Because they do have the best colours. No question!

Done with the black and ready for some cool colours. Especially with Spring just ahead of us, this is so good!

For the occasion I found some more inspiring spaces for you:
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Clean, calm and modern kids rooms

Clean, calm and modern kids rooms
Oh! What exciting times. After the shows in Florence, Paris & London I can tell you that the upcoming Autumn/ Winter will be rather romantic (again), golden and cherries are the fruits of the moment. On Thursday I will check if the Scandinavians are following those trends too, during CIFF Kids.

And apropos Scandinavian –  it is Interior Tuesday and I fell in love with these very clean kids rooms. So simple and yet fun.

Sleek and surely rather easy to organise and clean up.
Like this house (top image) that was designed by Jarchitecture. The goal was to connect the house with nature, and create a larger sense of space. Fantastic result that you should check out.

Via The Local Project / Photography by Alex Reinders.

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Oh Good Morning!

I just left Paris and arrived in London. Amazing how quick we are able to change countries here in Europe, don’t you think?

My head is full of impressions and lovely talks from the week end and I feel that showing you a lovely home accessories brand is a perfect start into the new week.

I found Bedtonic and next to the products I also fell in love with Julie’s story. It is often the best part of these small brands – the stories, their backgrounds and the passion!

Julie grew up in New Zealand in a small town called Lake Wanaka. A childhood spent surrounded by snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and big beautiful lakes. Everything was pure nature and outdoor living.

‘My mother was a seamstress, so I was surrounded by fabric at an early age and I remember a constant stream of ladies in and out for fittings and alterations, with patterns, pins and the old singer sewing machine taking pride of place on the dining table!’

Funny enough Julie only found out about the amazing comfort of sleeping in linen a few years ago. And that changed everything! She changed from being a cotton sheet lover to a linen fan.

‘I love the way It envelopes you but doesn’t stifle you like some heavy cottons. And the fact it’s keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the winter months.’

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Boho and vintage heaven of a kids room

Boho and vintage heaven of a kids room
Oh my god! Last week Tuesday I totally forgot that it was actually ‘Interior Tuesday’. Oh my! But well, it can happen and to make up for it I am sharing a room from one of my favorite homes from one of my favorite reads in the net.

I love ‘The Wiegands’. Such a cool boho family, passion and love.

And just these days Casey shared some pictures of her daughter’s room – Apple. And yes, it is heaven for any Vintage lover.

So romantic, full of heirloom pieces and details. Mixed with some modern toys, prints and little bibs. I especially love the mix of patterns for the bedding, blankets and pillows. So refreshing. And cute.

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5 grey kids rooms that you will love

grey kids room
After my little expedition yesterday in the world of color and summer I am drawn to grey today. Drastic change – I know.

But grey has something. I never really get tired of it and that is why I think it is probably one of the best colors when it comes to interiors. Next to white. It always works. It looks classy, chic, minimal and spacious.

What do you think? Do you agree?

I like colors at home too, but not for long. Christmas is a great example. It is fun to take out the decorations and create a festive place but I am very happy when we can put everything in the boxes again. My home always feels so big and quiet once we take things down. And I love it.

So for today I have some grey kids rooms for you. And you will see – they are not boring or sad. They are great!
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