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A boho inspired nursery in northern France

nursery simple boho
Anne from Le chien a taches (the spotted dog) just finished the nursery for her newborn girl. And I love the simplicity and inviting details in this little room in the city of Lille, France.

In general I really recommend following Anne’s blog, it is super inspiring! Full of beautiful travels, life and home inspiration.

So it was no surprise to discover the charming nursery that Anne created to be the perfect nest for the new family member.

A calming wall colour, neutral furniture and cute accessories make this room a welcoming oasis for the little person…
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5 adorable Australian kids rooms

5 adorable Australian kids rooms
Hey, we arrived in France on Sunday late evening, settled yesterday and my ‘office’ is overlooking a beautiful rose garden. So hello from Brittany today! You can follow a bit of our time here, whenever I feel like, on my Instagram.

And right off to Australia we are. Because I want to share some kids rooms styled by the amazing Simone Haag.

An interior stylist who can transform any space into something so effortlessly and cool we all want. Spaces that look charming, light and well, just effortless. Like it was so easy to do and prepare. But you try that yourself and you will see that it is actually a very special talent!

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5 kids spaces with integrated beds and storage

5 kids spaces with integrated beds and storage
Not everyone is living in a big house or spacious apartment. Especially families in big cities are probably using every inch they have. That is why I always look to see inspiring rooms that share ideas on how to maximise space.

For today’s interior article I found these 5 rooms that really got the ‘living small but big’ thing down. Clever installations that use the space very well and integrate beds and storage as well as work space.

Which means that the rooms leave some to play and have fun as well!

Let’s have a look at these rooms that are modern, urban and maximise their space by combining built-in-beds with storage:

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An inspiring family home that looks real and inviting

An inspiring family home that looks real and inviting
Oh my kind of home! The moment I saw this place over at Slomo I loved it. It looks real, charming, a fun mix of finds, passion and ‘must haves’. And a kitchen that invites to spend time and to cook, and laugh and have fun.
Yes! My kind of home…

It is also the place where you do feel that actually somebody is living there. A real family home(something I like to share a bit more on my Insta by the way)!

Claudia, Julien, Leni and Jeanne live here. In the heart of Berlin and the family admits that the apartment is like a fifth member of their clan. Always changing, growing and well loved. I can understand why…
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A natural nursery for a baby girl

natural nursery for a baby girl
Is it me or do we see more and more ‘natural’ kids rooms? I mean, I love it. Always been a fan of rather clean and simple rooms. I found quirky rooms tend to over-stimulate very quickly and toys are usually quite colourful by itself. No need to add lots more colour. My two cents of course. And there are a few very nice rooms that prove otherwise… one just really need a good eye to do it right!

But anyway, let’s have a look at today’s room. Mama Lauren Wells shared the nursery she created for her baby girl.

Calm, natural, soft and with a lovely selection of good toys and books.

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