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It is our passion and we love to share the best of this world. We adore small and independent brands. This is the perfect place to be up to date on the kids fashion world!








Everything blue for the little ones

Everything blue for the little ones

Blue Monday? Yes!
Because I love blue. Always and for everyone. Girls, boys, myself and for interiors. From navy to light blue… any shade.

That is why it was time to gather a few blue things for the little ones. And for mums too. Of course. We need a treat from time to time too.

And since blue is the colour of the sky and the sea… we can just never have enough:

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A few things for the long week end

tiny whales
Lucky us we are looking forward to another long week end. And the weather forecast is excellent. Wooohooo!

To enjoy it a little more I prepared this list full of goodies for you. Enjoy!

And else… well… there is a lot going on over here. The year started roughly and we are all doing our best. Plus some other big things that may or may not happen. I know. I am vague but I would love to share more. I just do not know either… so if you all cross your fingers for me and the rest of my crew. That would be so awesome.

But for now… cool things first!

Top: Tiny Whales and the sunshine from Southern California.
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Mini and Me style at the beautiful Swedish Coast

colmar mini and me

Two great things happened to meet. Long week end and fantastic weather. Lets call them mini holidays. Because when you live in the South of Sweden you have nature at your disposal. Lots of it. From beaches, to natural parks or farms. The season started and when the weather is good you can really just go with the flow and see where it brings you…

At least that is what happened with us. After a lunch at great farm cafe we decided to go further to Arild. Here you have a beautiful harbour and when you drive down a lovely view over the ocean.

And this is the place where we took the picture of our coolest Mini and Me look. Showing off our new Colmar jackets with blue skies in the background. Our glossy jackets were shining in competition with the sun…
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Daughter – timeless children clothing

Daughter - timeless children clothing for girls around the globe
Hello Monday! How are you? Did you have a nice week end? I really hope yours was as sunny as ours. We had a huge to do list but managed to get things done quickly and enjoy the gorgeous weather.
Which was very necessary. Soaking up on Vitamin D is essential here. And felt so good as well. We came home with tired kids, dirty feet and fruit stains on the shirts… S U M M E R.

And today’s brand fits perfectly to keep that sunny feeling and the warmth. Coming from Byron Bay, Australia.

Daughter was born out of a desire to provide classic, timeless children clothing for girls around the globe.
Using beautiful natural linens and cottons for unique pieces that are made to last for generations.

The collections are designed in coastal Australia and ethically produced in Indonesia. The cotton and linen fabrics are sourced from around the globe.
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The Beach People kids

The Beach People kids
Hello Hello! How are you? Did you have yesterday off? Maybe Monday too… a little mini holiday. Batteries recharged for a sweet 3 days week. Yay.

To extend that feeling I welcome you to the Paul & Paula holiday edition. Haha! But really, looking at these beautiful images, I feel like I am at the beach. The lovely blue tones, sun and wind in the hair. Happy kids and salt water…

Can you smell it?

When I came across The Beach People and saw that they do a kids collection I was so happy. It meant that I can bring the summer and the beach right over here.

Long days of water play and barefoot escapes to the seaside are even a little more perfect with these beautiful bach towels and ponchos.
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