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The Sausage Dog Edit

Paul & Paula: The Sausage Dog Edit

Good Morning! A crazy week is upon us here… today is the last day in our apartment because tomorrow the moving company will ring the bell very early and start packing our belongings. After 5 years you just make a lot of memories…

And the Sausage Dog idea actually came, because Romy always tells me about dogs and she knows all the different types, races and breeds. And she loves Sausage Dogs…

So, one day I found this cool bedding and the throw and went looking for more, because surely there are more Sausage Dog enthusiasts?!

Enjoy the edit:


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The serenity of snowy woods transformed into children’s clothing

eden & zoe

Melissa from Eden & Zoe recently launched her new collection called ‘Winter Woods’. And it is her daughters favourite poem called “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost that was the inspiration behind it.

I love that Melissa always refers to her own children when designing new collections. It is very sweet and touching!
And I always feel like being part of her family for a tiny bit. We met once, during our family road trip, and I was lucky to get to know Melissa and two of her girls for a little more. So, when I see the new images, that always feature her girls as models, and the inspiration reference – it is a lovely reminder of the morning we spent together!

So, the beauty and serenity of snowy woods are transformed into another adorable collection from Eden & Zoe for this Autumn/ Winter. My favourite piece is definitely the elegant Tamsin dress. A cashmere/merino top with a tweed skirt – now, how perfect for the upcoming festive season!
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The eccentric alternative to romantic festive wear for children

nununu tutu du monde collaboration

Ok, so this is definitely my most anticipated launch for this year. I saw this uber-awesome collaboration during Playtime in January and was instantly in love.
In L O V E!

Why? Because I love when worlds are clashing. When two very opposite designers join forces. Where creativity overrules. When great meets great – just from different points of view.

Tutu du Monde X nununu.

The ultra-romantic tutu lab and the alternative kids wear label that loves black. Yes! And it is finally in store!

Just think goth-punk glamour meeting the ultimate holiday smash! Lots of tulle and embroidered skulls, layers, sequins, black, and rock. L O V E! Did I mention, that I love it? I do! haha
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15 happy things for your October!

Paul & Paula 15 things for October
Oh hello! At the moment I am not so sure how I feel about Fridays. On the one hand, I am happy for the weekend to start. On the other hand, I feel like time is literally rushing through. Another week has gone by… waaaaahhh…

I cannot wait to slow down again and breathe. We do have a really great holiday coming up for the Winter break (Dec/Jan) and I just love the pre-excitement before going away. This time even more, because we all really need a break. To relax, to spend time together (slow and quality) and do not follow any wake-up calls, appointments, and other commitments.

How about you?

I do love autumn very much and this year we are lucky to see some sun shining through the pretty leaves as well. But I can also see that this is always a rather hard period for the children. Between the middle of August when they went to school and the very end of October – it is a long period of school weeks. On top the days are getting shorter, the mornings are dark and a little chilly. Everyone is tired. Do you feel the same?

Nevertheless, I have gathered quite a few cool finds as well as reads for you. I hope that you will enjoy them:

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Why Joséphine loves her new autumn shoes!

falcotto autumn shoes for young children

My little Jo is growing and just turned 3. Being the youngest of four she definitely picked up lots of things from her siblings and is quite ‘advanced’ for her age.

And of course she wants, can and needs to do everything by herself. So when it came to picking a pair of new shoes for autumn, I knew that we needed a pair that she can put on by herself.
And they need to be fun and somehow cute too. Of course. That probably goes without saying, haha.

So once her new autumn shoes arrived and we took them out of the box, little Miss Jo started putting them on like a pro. As a next, step she started to discover the beautiful embroideries. Which then became a little language play and we found all the names in all languages we have in the family together.
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