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Black Crane Mini

Black Crane Mini
Ubercool women brand Black Crane launched a kids line.

Black Crane Mini means you can twin with your kiddo in style.

The brand by Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki is very inspired by their Japanese roots as well as ancient Japanese culture and civilization. Supple lines and comfort, minimal and edgy.

Alexander moved to LA from Tokyo when he was 18. He wanted to realize his career in surfing yet became a graphic designer. He launched his men’s line, Alexander Yamaguchi in 2000.

Momoko moved to LA, also from Tokyo, when she was 14. She has an education in environmental art as well as architecture and interior design.


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CIFF Kids winter edition 2017 {lifestyle brands}


Last week I shared some cool international brands that will show at CIFF Kids in February 2017.

Today it is the lifestyle section that we will give some attention.

Scandinavian kids lifestyle brands to be more precise! I am so happy that CIFF Kids decided to add this very important section. The interior part is growing constantly and there are more and more really great brands out there. {just think back a few years ago, choice was rather limited when it came to bedding for example – stylish bedding}
Here are five really cool Scandinavian lifestyle brands that you check out when coming to CIFF Kids next February:
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Owa Yurika


One of the biggest questions these days is: Should one start a new brand, blog or xxx {insert what comes in your mind first} with a market that is so over saturated. A market that produces lots of similar items, messages and copies.

The answer is: Yes – you should.

If {there is always an IF} you have something new. Something fresh. Something surprising.

Please do not bring us more printed leggings and monochrome prints. Bring us something fun, functional and well made.

And this is exactly what mother-daughter duo Yuki and Yuriko Oshima did. They created OWA YURIKA – a fresh perspective on children’s wear.

Sleek lines, a terrific colour palette and cool cuts! {those jackets!}
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Kodomo Boston – Q&A with owner Jasmine Punzalan

Kodomo Boston

Our Boston based contributor Surabhi went to Kodomo Boston – a wonderful kids shop – for a great interview. Let’s see what Surabhi found out:

Kodomo Boston is a premier children’s clothing store that opened in Boston this past summer.

We had a little chat with the amazing owner Jasmine Punzalan about the store and what makes it so special and unique.

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Louis Louise A/W 2016

Louis Louise

Louis Louise never disappoints.

And the Louis Louise A/W 2016 collection is the perfect mix between modern and romantic. Poetic really yet fresh and timeless!
The brand is a true staple here on Paul & Paula and has been featured many times. And I know you really love it as well. Between the ruffles, special fabrics, subtle colours and all the exquisite details there is always the French touch.

The cool, the chic and the nonchalance.

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