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It is our passion and we love to share the best of this world. We adore small and independent brands. This is the perfect place to be up to date on the kids fashion world!








What do happy kids wear?

happy kids wear

I was just browsing a few shops this morning to see what is new. And started to selected a few items that caught my eye. Once done I somehow just named the whole moodboard ‘happy kids wear’. Because for me these pieces are timeless, comfortable and perfect to mix and match with anything already in the wardrobe.

Pieces that are perfect for any occasion and allow free roaming around!

Lets have a look at those goodies:


1. Two friends...

2. Absolutely love this dress. Perfect shape, colour and print!

3. Fun animals print on this Bobo Choses shirt– for a good cause.

4. Quirky graphic print knitted beanie.

5. Super cool overall for long days of fun!

6. Leo print blouse for little people.

7. Cutest bunny backpack.

8. Very beautiful woolen scarf.

9. Gorgeous Mina Perhonen long sleeve. I just love this print! (there is a dress and baby grow with the same print as well)

10. Ultra comfy trousers with an elastic waist and flap pockets.

11. Liberty print will NEVER go out of style and you will keep this dress for future generations. Guaranteed.



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28 delightful things for your December!

Paul & Paula: 28 delightful things for your December!

Ok, I know it is not Friday (yet!) but Thursday will do beautifully this time around too. Because I saved so much great stuff for this list, you will need an extra day.

And I am happy to finally share all of it and get this out to you… this may very well be the longest Friday List on Paul & Paula to date!

By the way, I am planning to write a few things that are on my chest next week. A few life updates…

I hope that I will find the time and the perfect moment, because I always need to ‘right’ moment to get started.
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Typically Red
Typically Red – thoughtful keepsakes.

Ever noticed these awesome subtle details in those movie credits?


scandinavian kids room
Lovely family home in Stockholm.

My latest fashion crush.


kids chess set ingela p arenhus
Antoine loves chess and this set is really cute, don’t you think?

About Instagram and captions!


Fantastic vintage inspired boards for the kids room.

DIY – paper umbrella garland. Frankie.


rainbow-rug kids
Totally thinking about this rug for one of the kids rooms upstairs.

Is this the future of retail?


geometric paper xmas wreath
My kind of Christmas wreath.

I found this super interesting. 6 rules of photo composition that are also rules to live by.


felt creative christmas wreath
And how about this one? A wreath for every door?

More Instagram – the feed war.


lovebox messenger
All there is to say: Lovebox makes it easy to spread the love

Keep your baby warm this winter.


raduga grez wooden toys
Love me some Raduga Drëz toys.

Who does the best show on stage?


wunderkin hair accessories
Wunderkin hair accessories. A dream for every girl. Timeless and elegant. And cute!

Cool breastfeeding tees and jumpers. And I mean, really cool!


japanese kids clothes
Kids clothes that make happy. Tiny Rainy Kids from Japan.

Very much in love with this wedding dress collection!


moon shaped wooden letter board
So wonderful. Moon shaped wooden letter board for all the messages you want your kids to remember.

A dream house.


A complete mood board for the kids room. Beautiful prints and cards.

Plush magic.



Very poetic.

Our folk.


Sooooo… I hope you enjoy my picks and the articles that I think are very worth reading. Have a great rest of the week… xoxo

PS: Have you seen these attic rooms? So cosy…


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Timeless and practical clothing for little ones

sunna studios
Hello Monday! I hope you all had a great week end. Here, in London, it is really chilly in the mornings now and we got our winter accessories out.
And one really important thing that we learned during our time in Scandinavia: Layer and invest in good quality basics that you can wear every day. I am talking about merino or silk layers. Thin, adjusting to body temperature and soft on the skin.

Some time ago (too long) I stumbled upon Sunna Studios and they do just that. A wonderful collection of naturally dyed, organic and ethically made basic childrens wear.

‘Our design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity, with an emphasis on texture and earthy tones. Pieces are designed to be well worn and well loved, basics that can mix and match seamlessly into the wardrobe helping to encourage better fashion habits.’

All collections are imagined in a small town in New Zealand by Elise and Brooke. And every piece naturally dyed using plant based materials at the same spot as well. Can you see the warmth of the earth in the clothes?
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sunna studios

sunna studios

sunna studios

sunna studios

sunna studios

sunna studios

sunna studios

I definitely love looking at these images and there is so much beauty in natural products that are sustainably and ethically made. And one thing that is great to know and important for us parents: Merino wool is machine washable!

Altogether, Sunna makes thoughtful organic basics that are ethically made, timeless, practical as well as stylish and comfortable.

‘Inspired by the sun (sunna) our goods are 100% natural, made with quality fabrics that are good for our children and our future. We stand proudly in the slow lane – something we think is worth appreciating.’

And never forget: Buy less and buy well.

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What if kids clothes would last forever?


Would that not be the best thing ever?

This is what Marianna thought and hence started Jackalo. Just recently launched in June this year, after a successful crowdfunding campaign and already winning over the crowd.

Why do the clothes last so much longer than the ‘normal’ stuff you can buy?

All of the knees of the Jackalo garments are reinforced with either a half-panama or canvas. Both are very durable fabrics. And on top, the team uses extra durable stitches along the seams. And since there will always be kids that can tear apart even the most durable construction, you can get garments repaired during the first 6 months after purchase.

‘At Jackalo we believe in making clothes last, so through beautiful and functional repairs we make garments feel even more special.’

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Marianna is an old-fashioned paper and pen person and loves to sit down and draw her ideas by hand. A lot of inspiration is coming from vintage styles with an aim to create clothes that are timeless. Beautiful and functional items that you can hand down to your next kid without feeling like the style has already passed.

‘Currently I take a lot of inspiration from vintage work wear and 1970s surf culture. My aim is to not be driven by the fashion seasons, but by the need for new items. My first collection is for autumn, and we’ll be adding styles for spring. I really want to be purposeful about what we add and when.’

And what is the Trade Up program?

When kids outgrow their Jackalo items, the shop will take them back in exchange for a 20% discount on future purchases. Jackalo will then wash, repair, and resell the garment. As well as upcycle or responsibly recycle anything that can’t be resold.

Personally I think this kind of ‘garment circle’ should be offered much more. It is a very smart idea that is gentle to the environment. On top, Jackalo makes sure that your children can truly live, play and have tons of fun in their clothes without being afraid to break them.

PS: I love that boiler suit! So cool! Available in adult size too…
In collaboration with Jackalo, who wants to change the kids fashion environment and has our full support!

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Distinctive children’s clothing from Seattle

beet world

During our very long trip down the West Coast we spent a week in Seattle. And until today I remember the very special atmosphere of this part of the world.

It really was one of my favourite spots during the trip (but then those 9 weeks were the most epic weeks spent ever and pretty much every city and stop was amazing!). There is this arty vibe, lots of music and somehow very relaxed. The nature is crazy beautiful and we were so lucky with the weather (the downside of Seattle is a lot of rain!) and could enjoy the surroundings too.

So when this young Seattle-based kids clothing brand called Beet World reached out, I was curious right away. Ashima, the founder, delivers ethically and sustainably made, 100% cotton pieces for girls ages 2-12.

Very comfortable, beautiful, vibrant and natural clothes that are soft on the skin and that look gorgeous. Passionately made for little adventures, special occasions and childhood memories.


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beet world

beet world

beet world

beet world

beet world

“Beet World brings together beautiful design, natural looks, great styling and gorgeous fabrics for children’s clothing. Our styles are distinctive, beautiful and elegant and just as much fun for twirling, skipping, dancing and unstoppable giggling.”

Definitely chic enough for fancy occasions, and so perfect for every day wear. Timeless, comfortable, practical and great for mixing and matching with anything already in the wardrobe.

And I like that it is not too romantic. Especially when you pair one of the tunics with some denims you get a cute and effortless weekend look. There are a few ruffles, some flowers and soft colours, but overall very easy, stylish and classic. Just what we like here…

Beet World is also focusing on ethical and sustainable production practices. All garments are proudly sourced from a single, family-owned factory in India that has been manufacturing and exporting cotton garments for over 40 years. And a portion of the proceeds from the Beet World Back-to-School collection are donated to organizations dedicated to promoting education and literacy to children around the world. We love!


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