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Let’s ruffle!

let's ruffle

Sometimes we like to add a romantic touch. Add some ruffles to our outfits.

Feel a little more special.

And even ruffles come in so many different ways these days… from sweet to cool, from modern to classic, from colourful to denim… there is something for everyone, even for the minimalism and monochrome lovers!


So Let’s Ruffle and see our favourite… yes… R U F F L E S:

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SEPTEMBERS – knits and furniture for kids


I showed you a little bit here and there from this newly launched Danish brand called SEPTEMBERS.

This lovely brand that combines beautiful knitwear and sleek little furniture.

It is time to show you a full story.

The lighting at the fair was a bit tricky and did not manage to get a good {to me} picture of the lovely cardigans.

Here we are!

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Robe of Feathers S/S 2017

Robe of Feathers

The new Spring / Summer collections are popping up one after one. We are all ready for fresh colours and lighter clothes.

One of my favourite small labels is Robe of Feathers and their latest line is, as usual, very charming… with a pop of neon.

I love how Nele, the designer, sticks to her style and has her strong basic pieces like the rabbit dress or the pom pom scarves. She then sources the best fabrics and prints and VOILA – lots of great must-have pieces!

I was also lucky to finally meet Nele during Pitti Pimbo where she showed the A/W 2017 collection from Robe of Feathers. And she is just as sweet and lovely as I imagined. It was one of these moments where I realised how lucky I am to be in this kids business where people are usually just really nice. Like a big family!

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Ladida S/S 2017


One of the best addresses for children’s designer clothes is definitely ladida.

The team has an impeccable taste and sourced the best collections and pieces for you. There is top notch kids fashion from all around the world to dress your little and not so little anymore children.

Asian brands such as AE-HEM or Bene Bene. Many European brands – Bonpoint or Les Coyotes de Paris amongst them…

The teen section has sizes that fit us, mums, too – so definitely have a look there too.

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boy+girl – S/S 2017


boy+girl is inspired by cool surfing and skateboarding vibes.

Its founder, Christine Chang, created a fashion line that respects the environment.

The casual pieces are made from the highest quality cotton, which makes them naturally soft. They are tinted with subtle pastel colours and you can wear them all year round and mix&match with everything!

This line is designed entirely in Downtown LA and produced in Venice, California.

The easy shapes, soft materials and great colours are really right up my alley. I love the simplicity. I love high quality garments that you want and can wear every day. Comfortably chic! 

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