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The 10 best baby cardigans for Autumn!

autumn baby cardigans


I will make it short and sweet: It is cardigan season! And I decided to focus on the smallest members of the family and find you some very sweet autumn baby cardigans.

Maybe you just had a baby or need to keep your toddler cosy, these pieces are perfect for tiny girls and boys. As usual, most of them are perfect for both making it easier to pass them on.

And since we are in half term over here, which means no school uniforms for a week, be sure that we will sport our cardigans.

To join us, have a look at my selection of autumn baby cardigans:


1. Supersoft baby alpaca cardigan* in ecru. Love this style!

2. Star cardigan in sand. Such a beautiful piece*, I would wear it in my size.

3. Petit Jour* cardigan made from 100% wool. (really pretty in vintage rose too)

4. Raglan sleeves, hem stitched, lovely novelty knit* from 100% wool. So pretty and perfect for Autumn in this lovely ochre colour.

5. Cashmere autumn baby cardigan* in beautiful rust.

6. Romantic cardigan* with ruffle sleeves.

7. I do love my cashmere cardigans, and this is the premier league. In timeless grey* and so soft!

8. OMG! The cutest. Ochre vest* with an adorable bunny living in a little pocket.

9. Terracotta coloured merino cardigan*!

10. Striped cardi*, very gender neutral. Very cool!


Do not forget, cardigans are great jackets for warmer autumn days….


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A sustainable and sweet baby brand – Beans Barcelona

beans barcelona

Oh baby…

My youngest just turned 4 and therefore I am out of the ‘tiny baby phase’ but I still love to browse and enjoy teeny tiny clothes. And I always loved everything super soft, with a minimalist design, and easy to wear factor for my own babies.

And this beautiful baby brand from Barcelona called Beans Barcelona ticks a lot of those boxes. It is 100% eco friendly and sustainably produced, using soft cotton, light colors, and comfy shapes.
Founded in 2010, with strong Mediterranean roots, the brand’s big focus lies on the fabrics, light colours, cosy outfits, and fresh prints.

And since 2018, Beans Barcelona is a 100% eco-friendly brand. In commitment to the atmosphere and, of course, with the inspiration for all of this: the babies.

Let’s have a look at this new collection:

beans barcelona

beans barcelonabeans barcelona
Everything is so wearable, cute, and easy. Perfect for every day wear, kindergarten or nursery. The sizes start at newborn and go up to 4 years for most of the pieces.

Personally I find that nearly everything is gender neutral. Take away the dresses and you have a wardrobe that looks lovely on boys as well as girls. Which means that it will be easy to pass it on to siblings!

Happy Thursday everyone and for more baby clothing, how about these pyjamas – they make great gifts too!

PS: Josephine got this cuddly jacket and it is great for these lovely Autumn days!



We received samples in return for this article. Everything I wrote is my personal opinion!

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Minimalist matching pyjamas for the whole family!

family matching pyjama sets

Matching pyjamas are cheesy. Yes!

But cheesy has its moments and cheesy can be fun. And believe it or not, when I got my children a set of matching pyjamas last year they were all over the moon.

And their pyjamas are still going strong. It did take me a good while and some luck to find a design that works for both, girls and boys. Plus a design that I like and that had all necessary sizes available. Long story short – matching pyjamas do not have to be cheesy and if you do not wait until just before Christmas (because it is a Christmas thing) you can get lucky.

The good news is – I just stumbled upon a UK based brand run by a mama that makes some very cool pyjamas for the whole family*. Think minimalist design, very soft organic cotton, and gender neutral prints. Yay!

The collection includes a whole range of family pyjamas for baby, toddler, ladies, mens, maternity and some accessories. Everything is designed in London, using the best quality organic fabrics and inks, and all products are then made in Europe:

matching sibling pyjama

family mathcing pyjama set

halloween pyjama

Halloween is not far away and how about a set of ghost jammies* for the family?


star romper baby pyjama

rainbow matching pyjamas

mum baby matching pyjamas

Allover I think these make fabulous gifts as well. Welcoming a new sibling, great gift for a new mum, or something for your best friend. So you can dream in the same outfits.

Why not getting to know your new bundle of joy in some cute mum pyjamas and matching baby romper?

And note: Becky can add additional baby, kids, or adult pyjamas to any set. So whatever the size of your family, you are catered for.

PS: Rudolph*!!!


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Ten things for a great Halloween!

The Halloween edit

My children are so excited about Halloween this year that I may actually be a fan by October 31st too.

When we moved to London last we were still in our temporary apartment and did not have our boxes delivered yet. But we could sense that our (very family friendly) area is very into Halloween.

Therefore we promised that we will do the whole shebang this year. Decorating (no crazy stuff but still…), costumes, trick or treating, and maybe a party too. And talking to some parents who already live here for a while, Halloween is indeed a pretty big deal in our neighbourhood.

That is why I put together a few cool things that will make any Halloween Party a whole lot better. Including Halloween costumes that you can actually wear afterwards too:


1. Organic cat t-shirt*, not only for Halloween!

2. Cute little wooden ghosts*. Hand made to decorate around the house…

3. Halloween Surprise Treat Balls* – an alternative spooky treat!

4. Coolest Halloween costume* with a real magic wand.

5. Cute ghost story book*!

6. Ghost t-shirt*. Another cute piece that will be used for a long time after the ghost festival.

7. Pumpkin-tastic dreams with this fun pajamas set*!

8. Halloween nesting dolls*!

9. And when the kids are done trick or treating and are happily dreaming in their beds, it is movie time. How about Corpse Bride*?

10. There is always time to send a card* to someone you love! Why not Halloween, so much more fun than Valentines…


How do you feel about Halloween and will there be a party where you live?


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The best winter jackets for the little ones!

best winter jacket kids
This morning it was 5C when we had to go out for the school run! F I V E!

Cold is an underestimated definition, because the first days of dropping temperatures are the worst. Until my body gets used to it I just feel a general freeze.

Therefore, I made a big cup of tea on my return and started to select the best (in my opinion) winter jackets for children. Because we all know the saying: There is no bad weather, only wrong clothing.

So I will help you to kit your children for the cold months again – practical, stylish, and warm. I made a selection for babies, kids, as well as teens. The best winter jackets for girls, boys, including lots of unisex choices. Because investing in a good winter jacket is essential and if you can pass it on to siblings, a unisex model is often the best choice.

The best winter jackets for the little ones:


best winter jacket baby

Winter jackets for baby:

1. This waterproof jacket* in a beautiful camel colour is perfect for cold and rainy days.

2. This light down jacket* is a true must have. It can be folded into a small bag and is therefore easy to pack away. Shown in Raspberry red but also available in lovely blue tones. It comes with a hood and is waterproof.

3. Romantic Faux Fur Coat* with floral embroidery, patch pockets, and this incredibly soft material.

4. Cool down jacket* with a beautiful Leo lining.

5. Shooting star* down jacket that is warm and soft with its fur interior. Elasticated at the bottom and water repellent. (We have one of those jackets, from an earlier collection, at home and I can tell you, my kids love the cosy lining. It really makes a difference!)




best winter jacket kids

Winter jackets for kids:

1. Faux fur leopard print* jacket with a classic collar and floral printed lining. You can never go wrong with this one!

2. L O V E!!! Checked Sherpa Coat* with Peter pan collar. So so cool!

3. Red is a great colour and I find colourful winter jackets super. Helps you a bit during the grey days and (!!!) really helps to spot your child on the school yard or playground. This lined down jacket* comes with a removable hood, lots of pockets and a cosy fleece lining.

4. Mega long down jacket* in green! High collar, zipper pockets, contrasting ribbing, and waterproof.

5. The colour of this reversible down jacket* is the best. It is plain navy (and you know I love navy too!) on the other side but this lilac/blue/shine – something colour is different. And I like it! It is pulled in at the bottom for more volume.



best winter jacket teens

Winter jackets for teens:

1. Lined hooded parka* in navy blue with slash pockets.

2. For the fashionista teen: The Penelope Coat* !

3. Another big favourite: This Houndstooth Coat*. It goes with everything and will still be cool in 20 years.

4. A parka is always a good idea! And this faux fur lined hooded Parka* in timeless Khaki is one of them.

5. And this Faux Fur Lined Parka* in lovely Midnight blue, cool embroideries on back, and tightened cuffs will definitely keep your teen very warm this winter.

This selection will surely keep you toasty!


For more cold weather styles – how about these lovely knitted garments?


PS: Watch out, next week I will share some cool Autumn styles for mums. Yeah!



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