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Paul & Paula finds the best new products, design classics as well as true must-haves for every day family living.







Fantastic wooden toys from Kid’s Concept

kids concept

Johanna Backman, Amelie Wiklund and Anna Enander are Kid’s Concept – a studio designing products for kids and their interiors based in Sweden.

Started in 2007 and offering everything you need for the perfect kid’s room – interior deco articles and furniture.

The idea is to work with a number of concepts, series and themes which gives the customers and shops the possibility to offer customized combinations.

‘Coordinated products makes is easy for the customer to choose from our product range as one can mix and match the rage of items. The colors we use in our concepts match and are easily combined.’


kids concept

kids concept


I love this set of 5 wooden houses*. You can assemble them again and again and they are so versatile.


kids concept

kids concept

kids concept

kids concept

The simple Scandinavian design is perfect for design conscious families because it is not overwhelming. You can easily add toys and personal belongings without having a space that looks overloaded.

I really like this concept of subtle colors, minimalist furniture and accessories that can be used in many different ways.

‘Letting children’s imagination influence the home is something we want to encourage. The family, the children and home is of great importance to us, and this influences and shapes the way we work.’

Fridge-freezer-wooden toys

OMG! A wooden fridge*! How cool is that? (the kitchen is pretty cool too…)


Allover I just love wooden toys. And when they are stylish, come in great colours (yes, you can have wooden toys that are not just bland like this cool ABC puzzle* !) then I just love them even more…

A good selection is to be found here*.


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A timeless yet modern home line for the whole family

Gabrielle Paris

Our families are at the heart of our and everyone’s priorities. And this is why adorable French brand Gabrielle Paris has created linen and home accessories for adults and children.

And not just any accessories. No, no! Timeless yet modern, Gabrielle Paris offers a line of linen and home decor that inspires and is inspired by everyday family life. Bringing the perfect combination of elegance and simplicity into our homes. I know that you will love this brand.

Come and discover and decorate your house to be vibrant, colourful and luminous. In fact, everything is designed and conceived in France, made of premium quality and with a lot of passion for every detail:
Gabrielle Paris

Milk, aqua, a few drops of mustard, powder tones – a subtle and sweet colour palette. Also, everything is made from soft linen and washed cotton.

The brand did a little collab with Tartine et Chocolat and I love this thick and cosy linen blanket*. Or how about this tent, I think the powder pink* cover with the cute design really adds a special touch. But don’t worry if you are not a fan of pink, there is an exciting version in sage green* too.


Gabrielle Paris

Gabrielle Paris

Gabrielle Paris
Just imagine a classic yet modern home, bright, colourful, and full of life. A place that gives you space to be creative, to create and to be yourself.

And that XL tote bag* is definitely not for kids only! (and comes in sage too!)


Gabrielle Paris

Gabrielle Paris

When looking through all the products, I find that my personal favourite (and it is a tough call) is the colibri print*. I just love blue – it is so timeless, chic and comes in many wonderful shades. And that print is so good! What do you think?

After all, now it will be very easy to add a little French touch to your home!

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Lovely wood pegboards for children’s rooms

wood pegboards for children's rooms

Hello! We are starting the week with something cute. Something to give your little one’s room (or your home office, or kitchen or…) a little special detail. Wood pegboards for children’s rooms!

Because these wood pegboards are really cool, practical and fit in everywhere with their natural wood. And you can choose from simple shapes like squares or circles as well as clouds, stars and even dinosaurs! Truly something for everyone and every corner in the house…

Little Anana* was founded by Astrid and Ivan and everything is handmade in the South of France, in Biarritz to be precise.

What is a pegboard?

A Pegboard is a, usually, wooden board perforated with a grid or pattern of holes. Into which hooks or pegs can be fitted for the storage or display of articles like tools and toys. See it like a cute shelf that you can personalise and that has hooks too.


wood pegboards for children's rooms

And they are even better when they come in fun shapes! Really, these are a no-brainer because they are so practical to hold all the little things that are usually flying around. So handy…

The only question here is – which one? I must say that I do have a thing for that bunny*, the monstera* is great too and I think teens would really like it as well.

For me, I am very tempted with that simple yet chic circle pegboard* for my little home office.

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6 Nursery Decorating Tips All New Parents Need To Know


There is an endless array of decisions that come with raising a tiny and delicate child. Though some of these decisions can be very hard and difficult, one of them is quite easy and fun. This is the decision of designing and decorating the nursery.

Any couple who puts a lot of effort into the design and décor of their house can’t neglect their baby’s nursery. There are many ways to decorate a nursery. Here is a list of some tips that every parent must know when they are decorating their child’s nursery:


Use Blackout Curtains

Many people use amazing curtains that are made of light fabric in the nursery. These curtains may look great for the time being, but when you try to put your child to sleep, they can be a great hindrance. You should make sure that the lighting of your nursery can always mimic nighttime. Therefore you should invest some heavy curtains that can block a lot of light or a window shade.
The minds of babies are wired to sleep better at night, and newborn children have to sleep for a long time. And when it’s time for a nap during the day, the light from outside can be a real problem. So, make sure that you are able to control the lighting of your room to ensure a peaceful and relaxing sleep for your child. You can also opt for a two-layer curtain with one layer. This is very elegant and compliments the design of the room and another layer of blackout curtains that you can use at nap time.

Extra tip: Natural light from the sun is also good for babies so don’t keep them in the dark all the time. Instead, you should take them out in the natural light for the wire when they are awake. All in all, the two-layer curtain system is the best to control lighting in the room.

Buy a Crib That Matches Your Nursery’s Décor

There are many cribs available in the market. Some are quite simple and bland, but there are others which are quite elegant and beautifully designed. The crib is the main focal point of a nursery, and the design of the crib can significantly improve the décor of the whole room. So, chose an elegantly designed crib according to the colors and theme of the nursery to make the room pop. The right kind of bedding for the crib is also very important. The bedding should be of good quality, and it should be according to the design of the rest of the room. Try to get bedding in a color that is easy to clean.


Example: Convertible crib from Oeuf that you can be used for toddlers (up to 6) too


Design the Changing Station Correctly

We all know that babies come with dirty diapers. There is no way to avoid it. This experience can be made pleasant by making sure that your changing station is designed correctly. And that all the essentials of cleaning up and changing your child are near you and can be reached easily by hand.
Firstly, you need to make a choice of where you want to set up the changing station. You can either get a separate changing table or you can get a simple changing pad that can be added on the top of a dresser for example. It all depends on how much space you have. The best thing about opting for a changing pad on a dresser is that when the child grows the dresser can be repurposed.
Add bins and baskets close to the changing stations to dispose of the dirty diapers and clothes. And have a shelf or a drawer that has all the other changing essentials like clean diapers, wipes, lotion and a change of clothes. If you are using a separate changing table, make sure to keep the dresser close by so that you have quick access to the child’s clothes.

Tip: Keep some toys nearby so that the child has something to play with while you are doing your business.

Use Washable Wallpaper

Sometimes things get dirty while cleaning up a baby and for situations when the walls get dirty, you should have washable wallpaper. So that you don’t have to worry about stains and dirt staying on the wall.

Introduce Some Rugs & Chairs To The Décor

It is very important to add chairs and a rug to the nursery. There should be a chair for the parents where they can hold and feed their child comfortably. Make sure that the chairs match the theme and design of the rest of the room.
You can also add some amazing rugs and carpeting to the room to make it more comfortable. Sisal rugs are a very common design element these days, and they can make the room look more elegant instantly. These rugs are also quite durable and comfortable to sit on, and they are made from organic materials, making them an environment-friendly choice.


Example: The super comfortable and never out of style Eames DAW chair


Incorporate Some Artwork in the Design

Adding some artwork to any room can instantly make it more elegant and classy. You should do the same with your child’s nursery. You should set a theme for your nursery and add artwork that goes with the theme.
A quite common theme that is getting quite popular among parents recently is the nature theme. This is great for the child, and it makes the room very soothing and comfortable. The color green is known to have a very calming effect on people so it is very good for a nursery and you can add paintings and other artwork that is also nature inspired to make an amazing nursery for your baby.

Have a wonderful day!

Author: Julie Hilton is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate
about fashion forward home décor ideas as well as ‘pop of color’ art and visionary designs. You
can read her blogs at

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21 things for your bank holiday weekend!

21 things

I think that we can all agree: May is a fabulous month! Spring, the long weekends, staying too long at the park after school but because the sun feels so nice you just do not want to go home. And then this upcoming long weekend which will extend into a week of school holidays for the children.

And we are all looking forward to it. Finally having regained our routines we still need to catch up a little with our energy levels. And Romy is just doing a full week of exams and will be very delighted when she will hand in her last paper on Friday. Ding Dong!

Time for a break and time to explore a little more of our new home town!

But before I will share 21 fun things that I have come across over the last week:

alice mary lynch
Alice Mary Lynch. Incredible work!

What is your favourite TV series?


dont hug the pug
Two new books for the kids:
Fly Flies
A delightful book about staying true to yourself in the face of people who insist they know better.
Love the illustrations!
Don’t Hug The Pug
What’s wrong with the pug….? A hilarious and deceptively simple story that will have little ones shrieking with laughter.

Sometimes you wonder about magical Instagram images? Here is a fun behind the scenes


aio kids
Aio Kids.

Talking about Instagram. Apparently there is a ‘new thing‘!

Ever thought about a side hustle? Here is the inspiration and motivation you may need…


linen summer baby suit
Cute linen pieces* for little ones including rompers, tops and bloomers – really hard to pick one!

Cut le crap! Green beauty!

How climate change affects farming.


coolest home office
Wow! Home office envy!

For mums: Happy, fun and chic summer dresses, skirts as well as swimwear! Love it*!



This apartment has so many funny details.


scandinavian kids room
The home of Cleo & Floyd!

Must read article:
It was the accumulation of ever-increasing pressures that, over time, became an impossible weight to carry. A weight that most women carry. This is the weight that becomes a stone on my tongue as I struggle to articulate the complicated multitudes of motherhood to my friend.


ila y ela baby suitcase

ila y ela giant lion
New products over at Ila y Ela – giant lion heads, blankets and cute baby suitcases!

This place is insane!


lovelane butterfly wings
Cutest butterfly wings*.

The best way to protect your face from the sun is a hat. Justine Hats has a great selection!


pastel wooden toys rainbow forest
Lovely wooden toys* and some come in the prettiest pastel colours too!

For kids: Happy and fun clothes* that are soft, cool and sunny!


Happy weekend!


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