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How to add a special touch to your nursery!

.beautiful nursery bedding.
Walk into your own bedroom, your child’s room or the newly prepared nursery for that bundle of joy you are expecting. The bed or crib is the most prominent piece in each.

Luckily it is easy to choose a safe as well as stylish kids bed or baby crib these days and you can place a lovely piece of furniture in those rooms. However, there is one detail that will make everything even more lovely – nursery bedding!

The right set of sheets can really be the special detail. The item to put the room into the light you want it to be. I am sure you noticed this before. Remember the last time your favourite sheets were on your bed and you walked into your bedroom? I am pretty sure the whole room had a different atmosphere.

And that is why I am so excited to share today’s find with you. Because Meredith makes some adorable nursery bedding. In her shop* she has a fantastic selection of crib sheets, moses basket and changing pad covers as well as child bedding.

And everything comes in some adorable prints and colours, made from organic cotton:


beautiful nursery bedding.

beautiful nursery bedding.

Personally I find it very hard to select a favourite but the rainbow prints* are definitely gorgeous and such a delight to sleep on. And it is especially lovely that they come in blue tones* and green tones* too.


beautiful nursery bedding.

beautiful nursery bedding.
And one thing that really stands out and gets some extra points – the moses basket/ bassinet sheets*. Because it is really not that easy to find some cute ones in those sizes!


beautiful nursery bedding.
Above are a few more patterns and prints that are available.

Just adorable…


More bedding inspiration? How about these acessories for a natural nursery or bedding from Littleheart?


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Back to School 2019 – tech gadgets!

Back to School 2019 - tech gadgets!


Today we continue the Back to School journey and I am sharing some really cool and helpful tech gadgets. These may not on your list when your children are starting reception or are in the lower years, but they do become more interesting when you have tweens or teens.

These gadgets can make school years a bit less stressful and definitely more fun. Plus, they make great birthday or Christmas gifts too. And you know, this day and age, it is crucial to start the new school year off on the right foot tech-wise. And psst, you may even find something that could ease up your ‘tech life’ too, like this super handy battery pack for example.

Read on, to find the best Back to School 2019 tech gadgets:

1. This Stickermaker is perfect to personalise your planners and other school stuff. Quick and simple to use: apply edge-to-edge adhesive to almost anything without heat, electricity or batteries.

2. This small and cute Bluetooth Tracker comes in lots of fun colours. It is small enough to fit on your key ring or backpack, and perfect for quickly finding misplaced items like your keys, bag, purse, phone, or anything else. Never loose anything again or miss the bus because you can’t find your keys in the morning…

3. The world’s first hybrid electric scooter for kids*! At the flick of a button it switches from push power to electric mode. Thoughtfully designed for children, it enables them to gradually gather speed and to safely stop. You can even return to push power mode at any time.

4. This graphing calculator is for high school math and science. It engages students by enabling them to enter fractions and equations in proper notation to they see it on the display exactly as it’s printed in texts and on the board.

More Back to School tech gadgets:

5. This fun portable bluetooth speaker for when you need a little break or hang out with friends. The integrated carabiner clips to your clothes, belt or backpack which is so practical. Plus it is waterproof and offers 10 hours of playtime.

6. 12 hours of wireless playtime with these cool earbuds*. Very comfortable with its adjustable, ergonomic fit, and intuitive control knob. They are magnetic and for around-the-neck wear. Available in powder pink, black, light grey, and green.

7. When you are on the go and need a little extra power for a dying phone, a laptop, speakers, or a camera – this external battery pack will be your best friend.

8. These Cable Animal Bites are T H E smartphone accessory of the moment! These cute little things slip right over the end of your adapter. And not only protect it from typical wear and tear, but also giving the effect that it’s biting onto the edge of your device!


More for Back to School 2019 – the best backpacks for all ages and everything you need for a sustainable lunchtime and snacks.


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Back to School 2019 – lunchboxes, water bottles & snack bags!

Back to School 2019 - lunchboxes


Lunchboxes, water bottles, snack bags and boxes. You probably have a cupboard or drawer full of those in your house as well!

Whether you need to send a packed lunch, a snack or just a bottle filled with water – what you want is something safe, practical and fun. And because your child will appreciate a colourful and fun take on the lunchbox game (and I bet you do too) I picked out a few options that fit perfectly.

Of course, all the boxes and bottles come in handy for picnics, playground visits or a treat on the go as well. That is why I want to emphasize to please say no to no to single use plastic bottles – re-usable is the best way to stay cool. And for the snacks, the planet-friendly Stasher pouches and re-usable bee’s wax wraps make excellent alternatives to single-use bags or cling film.

So after yesterday’s selection of backpacks for every age, today I am showing you my favourite Back to School lunchboxes and co:


1. Natural bamboo lunchbox* with a separator and available in lots of fun colours.

2. When you want to send something warm like pasta, soup or a stew, this insulated box* is your friend. And it looks really great too!

3. Smaller size – 300ml* – which is perfect for smaller children!

4. Multi Bento box* with 3 compartments!

5. Racoon lunch bag with a heat sealing technology that keeps food fresh and crumb free!

6. Beeswax wraps are the best alternative to cling film. On top they are re-usable and come in really cute patterns!

7. Bear shaped snack box.

8. This is one roar-some lunch bag! Including mesh drinks pocket and insulated lining to keep the lunch cool.

9. Cute set of small boxes that are perfect for little snacks such as berries, crackers or cheese cubes.

10. Ditch plastic and go stainless steel when it comes to water bottles. This one come sin many cool colours and holds 600ml, perfect for older children!

11. Stylish bottle* that comes with two different bottle tops.

12. Stashers! Re-usable food bags that are perfect for little snacks.



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Back to School 2019 – backpacks from nursery to high school

Back to School 2019 - backpacks from nursery to high school

The B I G topic. Back to School!

For some it is closer than for others but whatever the date, our children will all grow a big step coming the next school year. And I know from experience, it is a special date for everyone. Parents included.

Therefore I decided to give this season the same importance as I usually do with Christmas and gift guides. I will share my favourite pieces for a relaxed, prepared and, of course, stylish Back to School.

And to kick things off I decided to start with backpacks, the heart of the whole shebang.

And since every age group requires a different take on essentials, I divided it into groups – the mini for nursery and reception (kindergarten, daycare, pre-school). Next, are the maxi’s who are in primary school and then the tweens who are at the beginning of secondary (high school).

Here is my selection of back to school backpacks:




Back to School 2019 - backpacks toddlers

Backpacks for mini people:

1. Cool graphic pattern and great size for the youngsters* at school.

2. Patches are big and kids love them too. Cute denim backpack*.

3. A classic* that will never not be cool. (lots of colours to choose from)

4. Lots of pockets, cool robot design, and it has an inside pocket for folders and books too.

5. Stylish little bag* for small pupils.



Back to School 2019 - backpacks primary school

Backpacks for maxi people:

1. So in love with bright yellow colour! Fantastic sailor style backpack* with an inside pocket.

2. Great block colours* with cute pattern on the inside and perfect ‘medium’ size. There is a really lovely ‘girly’ version* too.

3. We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this year and this backpack* is a great hommage.

4. For the little minimalist*!

5. Waterproof backpack* in luxurious pink.


Back to School 2019 - backpacks tween

Backpacks for tweens:

1. Long-lasting backpack with lots of storage and pockets, that is great on the back and available in many colours.

2. The colour combinations are the best and the size* fits everything one needs in ‘big school’.

3. Sturdy, lightweight, lots of compartments, and pockets. Perfect bag for tween girls that like it ‘sweet’!

4. Of course, the classic* comes in the big version too. In the same array of colours and cool factor.

5. Attention Harry Potter fans – this backpack is for you!


Happy backpacking and happy Back to School!


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23 fun things for your August!

23 fun things for your August!

Ola! I am melting away so I will make my intro very quick today…
And today’s list you can see as a Holiday Read. A bit the same as those books people want you to read by the pool…

Today’s list has 23 super fun things that you can enjoy on your phone or tablet. From the cutest rattan doll bed to the biggest regrets of over 90 year olds.

Happy August!


wooden ruler height chart
These height charts* are so fun! And totally something I would hang up because I never got around these teddy bear or giraffe style things you usually find…
I think they make a really great gift too!

Very nice DIY kits for kids.


Rattan beds are big right now. Now there is a doll version* too!

We just received a copy of this book – The Inner Child – and it is so fun. Explaining why adults act differently than children but actually are still children deep inside.


liberty sun bonnet
Sweet Liberty sun bonnet*.

Loved Linda Cardellini in many roles, the most recent Dead to Me especially, and this article is a beautiful portrait.


bayiri baby knits
Cute baby knits from BaYIRI.

Really cute maternity wear.


cabinet with colour boxes
Cool cabinet that is made up of loose, colourful boxes, and held together by a construction of wood and ropes.

Rainbow rug for happy kids rooms.


french family home
Very inspiring family home in France.

Are you on the Keanu Reeves wave? I always adored him…


childrens room wallpaper
Delightful hand-drawn children’s wallpaper. With lots of details and vibrant hues.

Jumpsuits are all over the place these days. Unfortunately they are not easy for tall people like me… because something is always off. B U T, anyone else, I am sure you will love these.


bibelo swim
Pimp your garden with these cool chairs and tables from Bibelo.

Royal baby traditions!


bobo choses aw 2019
The new collection landed. Pick the best pieces* fast!

How about a nanny that is a princess at the same time?


nursery design prints
Gender neutral, subtle and sweet art prints for the nursery and kids room.

Question to people over 90 – what do they regret most?


blue kitchen
Peaceful house with a kitchen to fall in love with!

Tel Aviv with kids!


miya ma etsy
Cute linen top that you can also get as a dress. basically I love everything from that shop*.

Equal pay – the secret code.


Happy weekend everyone! Stay cool… xoxo

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