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Oh Good Morning!

I just left Paris and arrived in London. Amazing how quick we are able to change countries here in Europe, don’t you think?

My head is full of impressions and lovely talks from the week end and I feel that showing you a lovely home accessories brand is a perfect start into the new week.

I found Bedtonic and next to the products I also fell in love with Julie’s story. It is often the best part of these small brands – the stories, their backgrounds and the passion!

Julie grew up in New Zealand in a small town called Lake Wanaka. A childhood spent surrounded by snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and big beautiful lakes. Everything was pure nature and outdoor living.

‘My mother was a seamstress, so I was surrounded by fabric at an early age and I remember a constant stream of ladies in and out for fittings and alterations, with patterns, pins and the old singer sewing machine taking pride of place on the dining table!’

Funny enough Julie only found out about the amazing comfort of sleeping in linen a few years ago. And that changed everything! She changed from being a cotton sheet lover to a linen fan.

‘I love the way It envelopes you but doesn’t stifle you like some heavy cottons. And the fact it’s keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the winter months.’

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My white cup

My white cup
Oh hello Monday. I am still in London today and my head is full of fantastic ideas and beautiful things I saw so far.
And how could we start a week better than with some crisp and fresh goodies.

Just recently I stumbled upon this beautiful etsy shop called My White Cup. Run by Orinta Gaileviciene out of Vilnius, Lithuania .

‘I am a lover of the colour white, light tones and shades. I even drink my tea from a white cup only.
That’s how I got the idea to unite all my work under one name – MY WHITE CUP.’


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Merry Christmas, best of 2017 and some great finds!

long blue straw

Good Morning!
It is Friday, it is just two days before Christmas, it is time for a Friday list and also time for a little round up of 2017.

After that I will take a little break – maybe share a post or two and probably post something on Instagram too. But overall, it will be a little more quiet here.

And then in January – fresh start. New collections, fair trade season, new theme for the next shooting with Maru and and and…

2017 was full of happenings and events. Fairs, many trips, shootings, new projects and 2018 looks very promising already as well.

Thank you all for following, encouraging, supporting and for helping to realize ideas and dreams!

Top: Beautiful watercolor illustrations by Long Blue Straw!
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Blueroom design & architecture

At blueroom design & architecture they are passionate about good design and sustainable architecture.

‘For us, sustainable products have long lives and can be passed on to following generations; thus sparing resources. It is from these foundations that our ‘‘family affair’’ collection has grown.’

A collection distinguished by its clear and uncluttered shapes and by its quality and solid workmanship. Suited for all ages: children, teenagers and adults.

Isabelle and Marc Winterhalder-Anderhalden, both architects, make sure that design does not stop at the children’s room door. Blueroom will grow with you and your child and is designed and made in Switzerland.

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Confiture De Poeme

confiture de poeme.

Today we celebrate Santa Lucia here in Sweden. The kids dress up, there is lots of singing, gingerbread and coffee for the adults. Cosy!

And therefore I have something very sweet for you here today. The universe of Anaïs Natiembé called Confiture De Poeme.

Beautiful dolls handmade in Lyon, France with a lot of love, details and creativity.

‘My sources of inspiration are often Asian, because I love the Japanese culture, especially the big eyes, often fearful, shy or grumpy.’

I love these very feminine soft sculptures with their slender bodies and small faces with lots of personality! Sweet and well made, packed in beautiful handmade boxes and so full of heart warming details. Think sequin embroidery, pearls and golden threads.
The color and fabric selections are on point and the embroidered touches make these dolls truly special.
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