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32 fun things for your October!

32 fun things for your October!


Yes, some weeks need Friday to come a bit more quick than others. And this week definitely needed to go by quickly.

And since I love to compile these Friday lists as much as you love to read them – Friday comes with bells and whistles. 32 fantastic, fun, new, and awesome things for you and your family.

Please enjoy them:


alimrose dolls
Perfect first doll!

Loving this pink whale*.

dolls-house with light and accessories
Christmas present sorted: The perfect dolls house* that comes with furniture and dolls (most don’t and you spend a fortune kitting it out!) AS WELL AS – light and a door bell. Yes, this miniature house is a dream.

Childless cities?


kids room tent diy
So much kids room inspo!

Do you have a big career goal?


esska shoes kids
Such cute Mary Janes shoes.

Just in case you missed it – You Tube Kids is out!


twirl dress
Perfect autumn twirl dress*.

Sneaker Boom!


bear backpack
Cutest backpacks* galore!

Do you like rainbows?


london family home kitchen
So many things I love about this family home – especially the kitchen! House goals!

The cutest things for baby.


And you should totally peek into Natalie Papier’s home – nobody can match vintage, colour, design, and cool like this lady!

Food styling tips & tricks.


Half time – 16 more… all gorgeous:

lets go to italy book

acrobat family book
Two new books in our home:
My kids love Italy and remind us regularly to visit soon again, so the Let’s go to Italy! book is a hit here.

The pop up Acrobat Family is gorgeous and so full of surprises and details!


reebok maternity line
The new maternity range from Reebok has been designed to adapt to your growing body, so you can keep working out throughout your pregnancy.

Talking about it… The ideal woman!


kids konoc
Beautiful leather accessories for small & big.

Nudie Rudie! Will definitely make you smile every time you walk into your bathroom…


embroidered family portrait
Christmas gift alert!!! Beautiful Family hoop art*. Your family captured in a unique, whimsical embroidery in an illustrative style. Such a lovely and personal gift. It would please everyone…

Wow, what a house. Every corner is special.


franklin emily kids furniture
Design furniture for children from Franklin+Emily. Sleek, stylish, and fun!

Such beautiful blankets.


little goodall rainbow butterfly coat
It’s been a while that I checked into this shop, and wow, what a gorgeous and fun coat*.

Do you remember these Wish Pixies ?


wooden toys stars moon balance
Cute wooden balance toy* with stars, rainbows, clouds, and more…

More gorgeous wooden toys.


Off we go into another weekend! Have a super one…


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Books are press samples.
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Softheads – decorative wall sculptures for your home

.Softheads - decorative wall sculptures

When we were in Nantes this August I discovered these cool decorative wall sculptures in a shop and quickly scribbled down the name.

Back at home I had a look online and discovered the whole universe of Softheads. Because these original objects are so fun! And they are all hand-made and locally produced in Barcelona, Spain.

The idea is to create objects that put a pacifistic and humorous spin on the once fashionable practice of displaying hunting trophies. These pieces will decorate any space and giving it an original and elegant touch. In addition to the new seasonal collections and models, Softheads offers custom-built projects and interesting collaborations with other brands, designers and artists.


Softheads - decorative wall sculptures
The artist Sergio Roger is the founder and creative director of Softheads.

He lived in Berlin for several years and graduated in Fine Arts at the UdK and his works are exhibited and shown internationally. In 2011 he launched Softheads, because he wanted to bring art closer to a wider audience.


Softheads - decorative wall sculptures

Softheads - decorative wall sculptures
Cristina Olivé joined soon after the launch. And together they make a lot of interiors and homes a tiny lot bit more fun!

I think these sculptures makes great gifts, not only for animal lovers…

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Are those the cutest kids room lamps ever?

luna lana kids room lamps
Before I start today’s post I want to apologise. Because I promised you another Genuine Friday story and I failed. I was sitting behind my desk yesterday trying to write something but I just could not find the words. The irony is that I wanted to write about ‘working from home’. And clearly there is much to write about because as much as it fits with our big family life perfectly it can be really hard too. And days like yesterday just happen. I get distracted all the time, cannot really motivate myself and everything but my writing looks at me…

So, there you go. And instead of reading about the good and bad of working from home, I am showing you the cutest kids room lamps ever. I hope they make up for it a little bit…

Because seriously – how adorable are these handcrafted pendant lights?


luna lana kids room lamps
Luna Lana is based in the colourful and vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia and the brainchild of Stephanie Ng. And every lamp is handcrafted and made with 100% natural Merino Wool.  A sustainable design concept that is such a sweet addition to any room.

The kids room lamp collection is called fairy tales. But fear not, there are some really cool designs for the grown up rooms your house as well. we set out to create for this product. How about the winter collection to help the atmosphere once the cold season starts?


luna lana kids room lamps
I think that these kids room lamps make perfect gifts  – for small and big – and definitely put a smile on everyone’s face.

L o v e!

More children’s room accessories? How about these beautifully embroidered hoops or these colourful bedding sets?

Have a lovely Friday everyone!

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Heart to Wear

Heart Wear

One of the things that I keep remembering from my trade show visits this summer is listening to a shop owner saying: ‘I will get heart prints in the shop, because all we need is love at the moment’.

Her shop is based in the US and she was mostly referring to the political situation.
Well, here in the UK we can report the same political mess right now and when we look around. Things are not that easy when it comes to the economy, environment, and, yes, politics.

Wearing hearts may not resolve much (but please do keep on with the little things we can all do to help!) but they surely lift our mood. And they show love.

So, love it is, lots of love:


1. Walking on love should be a good way to start your first steps…

2. A heart here, and a heart there. Or just all of them on one wall. Your decision with these cute wall decals*.

3. Adorable linen dress* with a heart shaped back.

4. Quilted heart pillow and blanket. Love the simplicity.

5. That is a lot of love on one jumper.

6. One you grew out of your baby moccs, you can exchange them for these cool sneakers*.

7. An icon for a t-shirt. Minimalist share of love with the play shirt*. (various colours available)

8. For mums – this handy and cute pochette.

9. Happy hearts grey sweater*.

10. Forever love in your countertop with this tray*. A classic.

11. Perfect pair of pyjamas*. Dream in love…

12. Absolute darling mobile.

13. Loving hearts brooch* to jazz up any outfit.

14. Building set of ten heart shaped blocks.

15. Beautiful t-shirt* with a heart going around.


Heart to wear!

Happy weekend…. and take a look at our rainbow round up before you leave!

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Children’s furniture with a taste of nostalgia

Children's furniture
Etablissements Minus is a beautiful French brand, which designs children’s furniture, in its workshop in Bayonne. Furniture with a nostalgic touch to be precise.

Every piece feels a little bit like it was in the family for a very long time. Well, it probably is the beginning and one day, somebody can say that it has been.

The brand is inspired by nostalgia, a love of vintage objects and passion for craftsmanship. Therefore, the furniture is made of solid oak and raw steel, giving character to each creation.

It has been a while that I shared a great furniture brand, but this one really made me stop whilst browsing for a good moment. There is so much charme and love involved:

Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children's furniture


Children's furniture

The wood is so beautiful!

And the good thing is, this is furniture that will follow your children for many years. It is timeless and can easily be moved around the house. A great table, storage bench or coat rack is useful for many years. And later, it will find a new life with the children of your children…

To perfect the kids room, I have a beautiful accessory brand that will go so nicely with these pieces – have a look!

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