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Four kids in the house means we do celebrate a fair amount of birthdays – every year.

Every month. Paul & Paula share some great party themes and ideas. Recipes that please a crowd and are to prepare. We love to celebrate!







Boho Baby Heaven

Boho Baby Heaven
Good Morning! Today I am taking you on a boho journey. I think it is a great way to start a new week and when I discovered this etsy shop last week I was smitten straight away.

Boho Baby Heaven was founded by Mariann & Inez, a mother-daughter duo based in Debrecen, Hungary.

Their creative adventure really took off when Inez became pregnant with her son, Milán, almost 6 years ago.
Inez was never a fan of dinosaurs, robots and cars for little boys and could hardly find things that she really liked in the shops.
Together with her Mum they started to gather ideas for Milán’s nursery and got amazing feedback from their friends.

This led them to consider the opening of an Etsy shop in 2013…


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Joséphine’s first bike from Stadtlandkind

Only 10 more days and our little Joséphine will turn two. Birthday preparations are in full swing {Leonor will turn 5 just a week later so we are having a very cheerful month here in the Paul & Paula house} and one gift arrived a little early and was already very well received.

The lovely people behind Stadtlandkind were so sweet to send Joséphine her first bike! A beautiful red pedal-less two wheeler from Banwood for the cheeky lady. With a matching helmet for safety and the perfect look.

Banwood is a family-owned Berlin-based company specializing in bicycles for children up to age 5. Their core values are safety, high quality and timeless design.

Since daddy assembled it {you probably witnessed it in my Insta-Stories} Joséphine is looking after her cute bike like a star. Making sure it is on the right spot and remembering everyone that is ‘mina” {hers}. She is very proud to bring her own means of transport to the park now…

And with the cool retro look we {parents} love it too!

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Lovely Paper by Djeco

Lovely Paper by Djeco
The creative team of the Djeco brand has launched a new line: Lovely Paper. And we were so lucky to be able to test and try some of those products here at home.

I have a very soft spot for anything paper. Books, magazines, postcards and of course craft supplies. This is perfect. Djeco is a brand that I always check when I need a gift, adding the Paper Collection is such a great extension because finding gifts for teens is not always easy but they {usually} all love crafting.

Everything is beautifully illustrated – of course- and the new collection includes notebooks, gums, pencil cases, masking tape, diaries, pens and colored pencils and also these cool glossy stickers that I still know from my own childhood. The ones we collected, got albums and carefully sticked them in those. And then showed them to our friends. Do you remember these?

This beautiful Djeco stationery range makes every kid’s heart beat faster.

There are also glitter and metallic markers,  secret notebooks and mini stamps sets.

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It is all about ice cream…

It is all about ice cream

… when the week ends are warm and we run around in little dresses and shorts.

And what better when your outfits matches your preferred summer snack?

Have a look at these:

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Hazel Village

hazel village
Hazel Village was born in 2010 by Jane Van Cleef.

One weekend, I decided to make a toy that I would have liked as a child – a cute and soft doll with a big wardrobe. I cut up some good fabric scraps in the front room of my apartment in Brooklyn, then sewed them into a tiny version of Annicke Mouse. I thought she was so cute, so I made some friends for her and started to imagine the animals’ forest world. I listed the dolls on Etsy, each with its own little outfit and back story. And I took them to local craft markets around Brooklyn.’

Today the animals are produced responsibly in India. Hand made from organic cotton they come in a cute outfit. You can then add more clothes {I love this sweet little box full of heirloom pieces}for some great role play hours and even buy matching outfits for your child.

Quality toys that can stay with your children as they grow up – first as soft, snuggly friends, then as companions for storytelling and dress-up play, and eventually as treasured keepsakes.

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