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Petit Kolibri {give away inside}

Petit Kolibri

Petit Kolibri is based in Berlin and made with lots of love and care in Colombia. Started by Emilia Torres to get our children authentic, natural and organic clothes. Emilia believes that the products our children touch should be as pure and untreated as possible. And I could not agree more.

I know it is not always easy but when we have the choice I believe we should take it!

And when things look this nice the choice is not hard to make either. I am happy that today we really have the possibility to get stylish things that are good for us and our earth as well.
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Lisqa A/W 2016 & crowdfunding campaign

Lisqa crowdfunding campaign
It’s been over two years that I introduced you to German label LISQA. I never stopped following their journey, new collections, new steps.

Today I want to share their new A/W collection and also tell you about the crowdfunding campaign Lisa just started last week.

In short: Lisa wants to expand. Not mainstream. Not huge. But growing and going 100% organic and fair trade.

How: With you! You can help her reach the goal and support her campaign.

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Free Sisters

Free Sisters Berlin

I went a bit crazy when I found this brand on Instagram. At that time they did not have a website, just a FB page… so I started to stalk them a little. Waiting for the site to open. Because I know how annoying it is to show some great stuff and no real way to actually get your hands on it.

So finally, from Berlin, I am presenting you: Free Sisters

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Lena Lieb

lena lieb

I am so happy to have a brand from Berlin here on the blog today, It’s been a while but my excitement to show you something great from my hometown is still the same!

Have you heard about lena lieb already?

Lena is a trained tailor, studied fashion designer and traveled around the world to work for some ‘big names’… once this lifestyle became a little to overwhelming Lena came back to Berlin, worked with students at the university and had a baby.

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LOVE kidswear

LOVE kidswear

There is a new brand for kids based in Munich, Germany and it is refreshingly lovely. Franziska Bergmiller launched LOVE kidswear in March 2015.

A collection of stylish casual children’s clothing for boys and girls between the ages of 0 and 12 years. Made from sustainable materials in Portugal.

Franziska used to work for well known high fashion brands but once she became a mum she was inspired to create a clothing line for the little ones. One that allows kids the freedom to move and parents are presented a selection of well-designed quality clothing for their children.
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