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Top 8 first Birthday gift ideas – Cinderella Patch

Good Morning, today we start the day with the final list.
Yes, I would like to celebrate first birthdays all year round too but everything has to end one day… and this list is perfect for it.
Suzanne from Cinderella Patch put it together.

1. Wooden cutting fruits
2. Art easel and puppet theater in one
3. Versatile child’s chair
4. Trunki

5. Bears picnic, travel game
6. Wooden Fishing set
7. Tip truck
8. Colorforms

Suzanne gave me another cool item, for us parents… a journal to note down unforgettable quotes of your kids. Great idea… we forget so quick so it is good to write some things down.

Thank you Suzanne!


Top 8 first Birthday gift ideas – Tot a stylist

Today my friend Sangita from Tot stylist is here with her list of First Birthday gift ideas.
Have fun!1. Rocking horse/ Toddler trike
2. Wood drum
3. Felt Farmhouse
4. I love you book

5. Monster
6. Guitar Pillow
7. Wooden fishing set
8. Shape sorter

Thank you Sangita!

{Tomorrow another great list from NYC, Cinderella Patch}


Top 8 first Birthday gift ideas – Kenziepoo

Hello everybody!
I hope you have as much fun with these cool lists as I do… I think I have to do things like this more often, I really enjoy this…
Today I have the lovely Rachelle from Kenziepoo here, look what great ideas she brought with her:

2. Cool moccassins
3. Mister Mister sweater
4. cloud mobile

5. Rain cushion
6. little hat with ears
7. Salopette
8. Teepee

Thank you Rachelle!

{Tomorrow I have a list from Tot a stylist}


Top 8 first birthday gift ideas – Scandinavium Mum

Hello! Did you all have a nice week end.
Just a couple of days and KleinA will turn 1. The first birthday is just more than special, don’t you think?
Today I have a list with very Nordic ideas, Bianca from Little Scandinavian is here today:

1. Saab
2. Toddler cutlery
3. Trojan horse
4. Fjall Raven

5. Bed cover
6. Robo lunchbox
7. Duplo
8. Elna the elephant

Thank you Bianca!

{Tomorrow a list from Kenziepoo}


Top 8 first birthday gift ideas – Coos & Ahhs

Hello everyone, today I have my friend Amanda here. She writes the cool blog called Coos & Ahhs.
Do you enjoy all these great gift ideas so far?

Here is today’s list:

1. bath toy fun
2. Wheely bug
3. walking shoes
4. Building blocks

5. Catch bowl
6. Stylish Tee
7. Interactive book
8. Walking!

Thank you Amanda!

{On Monday we have a list from Scandinavium Mum}

The Friday list, which is actually a week end list this time, is coming later today!

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