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Big Kids Magazine

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…. psssssssssssssst… everyone…. come closer…. there is something I have to tell you…

… sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhht….. not so loud….

BIG Kids Magazine will be OUT by the end of this month and seeing this sneak peek here, the wonderfully illustrated website and the talented Jo Pollitt (a dancer, choreographer, writer and mother of three) and Lilly Blue ( a visual artist with a long history of creative work in community and youth arts), this might be the launch of the year…

“BIG Kids Magazine is a contemporary arts publication for children. Driven by discovery, experimentation and response, we invite children to participate in topical conversations about art and the world. With a senior editor who is eight years old, BIG challenges hierarchies of who is listening and who is speaking to amplify small voices in BIG ways.” 

Some facts:

* BIG stands for Bravery, Imagination, Generosity!
*  For every copy sold, BIG gives away one copy to children who might not otherwise be able to access it.
*  Lilly Blue and Jo Pollitt, have not seen each other for 12 years. Lilly lives in Sydney; Jo in Perth, yet the geographical distance between them has not proved an obstacle with Big Kids Magazine created entirely over the ether.
*  Each issue features a FREE artist print.
* It retails for $12.95.

Pssssssssssssssst…. a little more attention:

If you subsrcibe NOW (until 12.09.) you are IN for a chance to WIN this awesome artwork from Madeleine Stamer. (And I totally love this.)

If these are not great news to start the week end… I am so excited I cannot wait to get my hands on this mag…



La Petite Issue 5 {OUT now}




Something wonderful was born yesterday… the newest Issue {No.5} of La Petite came out…

Amazing editorials, just perfect for the last days of summer and entering autumn… soft, warm, sunny and lots of nature…

Get yourself a cup of tea and have a look! Enjoy!



La Petite Mag {sneak peek} Issue 5

Forest Kids




A little dreamy sneak peek… the next issue {No.5} will be out beginning August… and it will me megasuperfabulous!


La Petite Issue 4

La Petite Magazine. Issue 4. Is OUT!


It is amazing.
Lots of stunning pictures that invite you to enjoy summer.
Check it out and see yourself… gorgeous issue.

If you still have some summer shopping to do… bring a pen and take note….


PS: And yes, I am proud to be part of the La Petite Team :)



Emily Ulmer – kids photography

Found via the amazing la petite magazine,Emily Ulmer.
“In my photographs, I attempt to show the beauty of childhood in its most natural state, without the romanticizing interpretation of the adult eye. I usually photograph children in their own environments, in order to capture a sense of their world. In many ways, I see my images as a momentary impression of a point in time that we all leave behind.”

I am very impressed with her natural approach – kids looking like kids, like the ones I have at home. Not little supermodels with tons of make up and glitter.
Plus there is a little magic atmosphere in her photos, something very relaxing and a bit dreamy. Do you feel the same way?
Emily is currently shooting a portrait series for a little gallery show that will be up for the month of May, in Los Angeles.
And working on a couple of fashion stories for two different children’s fashion magazines for their summer issues. Ohhhhhhhhhh…


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