Mie Frey

Mie Frey - waiting

I came across these illustrations just recently and really enjoyed them. A lovely very natural and honest as well as sweet approach to one of the most amazing experiences in a woman’s life – expecting a child.

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mara mea

mara mea
mara mea
mara mea
mara mea
Before anything I have to admit that todays post makes me a little bit jealous… jealous for all the mums to be that will be able to wear the latest “must have” maternity brand that just launched: mara mea

The cherry on the cake: It is based in Berlin. Great things happening in my hometown… great things…

But ok, one cannot have it all and of course I am thrilled for you… because they also do some cool nursing tops & scarfs  {I used to breastfeed my babies for  a long time} as well as – finally – cool mama bags {or diaper bags if you like but show me the mum that only has diapers in a bag ha!} because I am one of those women who never used one… just my normal bag with some diapers in it… those bulky bags that scream MAMA from like 500m away were never my thing… these are cool – mum or not mum.

Dorina and Maren created the label in the beginning of this year, showed at Playtime this summer {with great success – to no surprise} and the first pieces will land in shops at the beginning of next year. I love all the pretty details on the dresses that make you feel elegant, happy and proud… proud to be a woman.

Bravo mara mea, cannot wait to see you grow!






Petites Frites – baby blankets

petites frites

petites frites
Founded by Lisa and Curzon Peier, Petites Frites’ mission is simple:

“To create an original interpretation on everyday staples like the burp cloth and bib using a custom-developed cotton-blend knit (as soft, juicy and delicious as your own little bundles of joy and mischief), practical designs and simple bohemian-elegant details. The opposite of fussy, trendy or too cutesy-cutesy, the result is products you will love to use as much as we do because of their timeless style and enduring quality.”

I think those blankets and cloths are already quite popular in the US but word has not spread much here in Europe… which is a shame.

The blankets come in the coolest colours, are made out of cotton and lyocell, an environmentally sustainable textile, that enriches the cotton with its additional softness, breathability, resistance to wrinkles and quickness to dry. The result is a super lush, very absorbent, long-lasting fabric that feels, washes and wears as great as it looks … and is produced in the USA. And a big bonus for the XL size of 50×50 which is around 130x130cm!

Check out the fun burb cloths too, same funky colours!

{ and yes that name made me giggle too…}


Cherry pit pillow

I have the impression that these very useful CHERRY PIT PILLOWS are not very well known outside Germany.
My friends were not familiar with this multifunctional wonder at all.
So what is it: it is filled with cherry pits and you can basically use it for all kinds of complaints or just for comforting your baby, child or yourself.
You can put the pillow in the freezer (it does not feel cold and clammy) and help bumps and bashes. Puffy eyes? Put your cold cherry pit pillow!
Warm it in a medium warm oven and it feels like a hot water bottle.You can treat colds or use it for relaxation. Very helpful for engorgements, neck tensions, backache, cold feet… as well.
In winter KleinR loves to take it with her to bed..
KleinA nicks it sometimes and thinks it is a rattle.
You can machine wash them too…
Check here for a shop near you or an online shop.


Breastfeeding in style

Breastfeeding and tired of those boring bras?
Wearing them day and night … you have to treat yourself with a bra that is stylish, beautiful and (very important) gives good support.
Check out this beauty I found via emoi emoi.
Emoi emoi is an e shop for wonderful maternity and breastfeeding clothes, PJ’s and underwear.
The shop opened in April this year and was founded by Adele and Nathalie who want to turn the maternity fashion more interesting.
Girls – I wish you all luck und success. Pregnant women are so beautiful and have to show it off in clothes that are comfortable and hip.

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