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Pen Pals {part one}

vintage books
My friend Amanda wrote the perfect introduction to this little new series that will be held between Paul & Paula and Coos & Ahhs.

And I am awfully late with my turn. Really badly late and that is so not me… but man… this year started even crazier than the last one ended and believe me I did not think that was possible… more on that later and you will understand!
maple treat
Amanda went to see her parents up in Vermont and sent us some goodies she found on the way… and the package was so whimsical I wish I could go on that trip one day as well.

The sweetest children’s Vintage books and postcards, some yummy treats and and and….
vintage books
All with a lovely handwritten letter! The kids here love to get mail from Henry and Adela and especially Antoine is still asking about the little men in NYC every here and there…

Now it is our turn again. Going to Frankfurt on Wednesday to visit a good friend of mine… let’s see what we will find …


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Herz und Liebe {blog love}

HEADER_Herz & Liebe_blass

End of last year a bunch of lovely ladies {and men} that meet in a mum blog FB group decided that we want to support each other more.

We do, hence the group, but also quite regularly experience the other side.

That is why we decided to do a little Secret Santa action. Everyone will present a blog and  today I am happy to introduce you to Jessica who writes the very touching blog called “Herz und Liebe” {heart & love} and my little universe will be introduced by Greta from kids and couture.

Jessica lives in Berlin {wink to my hometown} with her husband and two children. Two girls and one of them {the little one} was born with a heart defect.

The blog is the journey of this lovely family – with all ups and downs. An outlet, a dairy… a page to share, show and mostly to just write down what is sitting on their heart. Including the happy moments.

Reading through Jessi’s blog gives me goosebumps, makes me cry and also insanely happy to see the family grow and live with the challenge. The challenge of life.

And I am sure she is helping many people to deal with their own situations, gives them hope and especially gives them the strength to continue and fight! It is wonderful! It is very personal! And it is one reason why blogging is one of the best things I ever started… there are so many beautiful people in the blogging world and I am glad I met a few of them.

Follow the 4 on Instagram and see how strong little Hannah is or check their FB page for all updates.


. : : Herz und Liebe : : .


Lots of love from Sweden to Berlin!



Advent blog love {twenty three]

advent blog love // ebabee likes

This is another great blog that I know for nearly as long as I am blogging myself {because when i started I also only started to discover the blogging world and along all these cool places and great people}. Nomita has a lovely taste and curates very carefully all of her posts and puts together a great selection.

>> ebabee likes <<

advent blog love // ebabee likes

Not along ago I wrote about her shop she just opened this season, in case you missed it, please also visit the ebabee shop…

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Advent blog love {twenty two}

advent blog love // mer mag

How can one be so creative and always come up with the best DIY ideas? How? And also take really cool pictures and give you a great push to try out all this rad stuff yourself at home. So much fun!

Thank you …

>> mer mag <<
advent blog love // mer mag

And even better, there is a book coming up which of course we NEED!

>> mer mag <<





Advent blog love {twentyone}

blog love // sanvie mini


Kerstin is mum of Emil shares a little bit of their life, their home, what they discover and what is on her wishlist.

A lovely selection that also reflects my taste so I am always curious what Kerstin found.

At the moment there is a give away going on every day until the 24th… have a look!

>> sanvie mini <<


blog love // sanvie mini - little indians kids room inspiration
Kerstin also write an interior blog called sanvie – have a look.

>> sanvie mini <<




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