Little Pearls

Little Pearls - baby shoes
Jaqueline says that she is a maker, a dreamer, an optimist, and first of all a mother.

She founded Little Pearls out of a passion for high quality children’s wear and because she wanted to bring one of her favourite styles of baby shoes to you.
When her younger sister was a baby, her mother used to buy her these Germanic baby shoes. Years later Jaqueline searched for them for her own kids but wasn’t really satisfied with the quality she could find and started making them herself.

And aren’t these adorable?
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Mara Mea diaper bag – review

Mara Mea changing bag
Soooooo me, myself and a diaper bag. Nothing super special about that seeing there are 4 kids in the house. But until now I did not own a proper diaper bag. Well, that is not completely true. I did get one when Romy {my eldest} was born. A rather simple dark blue version… but I never used it. Maybe I tried it once or twice… and went just back to “put a few diapers and wipes in my normal bag and done” kinda life…

Until recently.

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Briar – handmade bonnets

Briar - handmade bonnets
Made for little people and little moments you wish to remember forever! These baby bonnets are special and  made of the best materials for style, quality, and function.

Briar Handmade bonnets are simply beautiful and a must have for every baby {and such a great little & special gift}
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ILKA – a world of magic

ilka - handmade kids room accessories

Each ilka creature is crafted entirely by hand and born into magical studio of make believe!
Each flamingo, for example, is stuffed and painted. True statement pieces to add some sparkle and magic into your house…

Inspired by nature’s intriguing entity , the veins of our natural world are influential in transforming a piece of cloth into a creature , that comes alive and becomes an individual , part of a clan of young and old – who have a certain peacefulness yet melancholy in them…
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natti natti

Natti Natti
Natti Natti is a small Swedish/American family owned childrens bedding line. Creating organic and modern pieces that not only help your little ones sleep but also make a positive impact in our homes and lives.  Shannon and Eric really make your happy a little more happy and our beds a little more pretty!

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