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family breakfast

Two more days and 2016 is over. Already!

During our flight to Athens (where we arrived this Wednesday) I was thinking that it could be really fun to do a little round up here on the blog.

Feature the best/ most read posts for example. I mean, I was really curious to investigate as well. Which topics do you guys love? What are you interested in etc…

And it is a lovely way to finish the year and take a little break from the blog and social media. Refreshing actually.
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Josephine’s first birthday

Josephine's First Birthday
Last week was Joséphine’s BIG day. She turned O N E. Yes…. one year ago we became a family of six.

The little extra wonder that entered the world. The sunshine that makes everyone smile. The little girl that we all love!

Was celebrated!


Josephine's First Birthday
Josephine's First Birthday
Josephine's First Birthday
Josephine's First Birthday
Josephine's First Birthday
For parties I always love to check out Little Lulubel – Natalie has the best kits, inspiration and lots of little extras like party bags and dressing up stuff.

I wanted something a little soft and girly – the Belle and Boo kit is perfect, we just added a tassel garland {that truly makes such a great difference to the set up} and some cupcake liners.

We baked some very simple vanilla cupcakes – or better Romy did – something easy to eat and hold for the birthday girl.
Josephine's First Birthday
Josephine's First Birthday
Josephine's First Birthday
See the happy birthday girl. This is her. Always happy, always smiling – pure joy, bliss and happiness. Amazing!

And that cute little pointy hat… believe it or not… she was wearing for every meal the two next days… love her to bits!

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Road Trip Part Two – 12 days in a camper van

RV trip

After our week in San Francisco we went to pick up a camper van (RV). There are various reasons behind it – being able to get away from the coast is one, trying something new is another and going on a little extra adventure that the kids will love was a BIG one.

Weeks before we even left they hardly talked about something else. They were drawing camper vans, asked if ours would be the same every time we spotted one on the streets and Romy was super excited that her birthday would fall into the 12 days we had the rolling house.
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Road Trip Part One – San Francisco

San Francisco with kids

We started! We are on the road… we managed the 11h flight, we are over the jetlag and we are having so much fun… sometimes I still have to pinch myself that this is actually real.

It is!

We arrived on Monday (nearly 2 weeks ago) in the afternoon local time which was midnight for us and meant: 2 kids fell asleep just before landing and the rest could barely keep their eyes open. Taxi to the hotel…. quick refreshment and off to bed… and yay… first movements at around 1am (night!!!)…. we managed to keep things low till around 2am… and after 2h in the hotel room we just needed to get out…. walking the streets of San Francisco with four kids at 4am… well…nothing I need to do again but lets just call it a part of the whole adventure… (and lots of stops at Starbucks).

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Craft Birthday party

Craft Birthday Party
I actually did not really plan to write a post about Romy’s party but then I thought that it might help a few of you…


Romy turned 9! Yes N I N E! Big girl nine years old {to be very honest she did not yet actually… she will in 3 days and the party was that early because school ends in the beginning of June and to make sure most of her friends could join we planned it a week end before the last week of school}

We talked about this party for some time already, ideas came and went away, lets do this, maybe not… back and for… nine is not small, nine is not big girl, slumber party is an idea but most of her friends are not “ready” yet… until I suggested the idea of a crafts party. We brainstormed a little on what we could do and boom! – done… crafts party it is. She loves to make things! Always busy drawing, cutting, creating…

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