Breakfast International {part forty eight}

Name: Barbara Gouka

Blog/ Shop: houseofjamie.com

Where do you live: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Your kids name+ age: Jamie, 2

What does she have for breakfast:
When we ask Jamie in the morning what she would like to have for breakfast she ussually screams: HAGEL (Dutch for fruit sprinkles). Of course we can’t do this every morning ;) She also loves Dutch cheese on a slice of bread and sometimes she gets a bowl of fruit on the side.

What do you (and daddy) have for breakfast: I can’t start the day without my café latte XXL), which usually goes together with a bowl of fruit or a simple sandwich. My husband on the other likes to have a very extensive breakfast : al large cup of tea, muesli with yogurt and fruit or a large grilled cheese sandwich. In the weekend we always try to have nice family breakfast with some homemade croissants, French toast, boiled or scrambled eggs and some fresh fruit. Jamie loves to get a piece of everything and she always seems to take care the table ends up looking like we had breakfast with 10 kids ;)


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