Back to School with Naturino

Back to School with Naturino

We actually finish our second week of school already but I know that next Monday my social media channels will be filled with lots and lots of BTS – Back to School – pictures.

I probably never imagined before having kids and then again before having school aged kids that this is actually quite a day to mark in your agenda, in your head and in your emotional menu.

Another year, a summer that ended and was filled with new memories, new people and the buzz of the first days. Filling lockers, many e mails, parent meetings, allocating parents to their children and play-date mathematics.

People often ask how it is with four kids and I often say that the chaos and energy in our house can be exhausting but it is what we love and would miss tons otherwise. Now, Back to School is a bit the same. The first days you come out of school and feel like going back to bed but it is also fun. It is school run time again!

And for all these school runs we do need some cool shoes too.

That is why we teamed up with Naturino again to show you a little bit of the new collection. New school year, new shoes.

“Naturino has been dressing your children for 40 years: our children’s shoes are designed to protect your children’s feet, so that they can run and play in beautiful, comfortable, safe shoes!”

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