All for the baby boy

baby boy
To be honest I have no idea how I came up with baby boys. I mean boys are great and maybe I just felt that it was time to focus a little on them for a day. Even so I did actually really go down the blue road… me… who does not like stereotypes… and that is why I think everything you see here could very much go with Baby Girl too.
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Little Jos├ęphine, for example, is usually a ‘he’ because she is hardly dressed in pink or other very girly colours and with the lack of hair {which I love… and it does extend the baby period a little} – she is a boy with her grey, blue & black!

1. knitted baby pants

2. bunny soother

3. baby hat

4. little comfort blanket

5. knitted booties

6. ball rattle

7. FRED cushion

8. PomPom Dreamcatcher

9. Knitted bear jumper

10. wool blanket

11. knee socks

12. Baby clothes – cookie cutters


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