All about Christmas – photoshoot

All about Christmas - photoshoot
Back in October I got together with Maru again. You remember our photo shoot from July – have a look here – this time around it was All About Christmas!

Yes, Christmas in October.

We had lots of lovely brands signed up, small and independent brands that we love. The kids were awesome and we had lots of fun. I love this creative part and together with Maru we are such a great team.

A total of around 5000 images were taken during the week end. Once you take out everything you can’t use, we still had over 3000 left. 3000 images. You imagine. How to select? Exactly! Super difficult. And that is the reason why I am just starting to share some of them with you now… I shared a few sneak peeks on my Instagram but here are finally some of my favorites…

I will need to publish these through a number of posts otherwise it would be just too much…

Please enjoy the first set today:
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