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Motoreta S/S 2017


Motoreta’s new Spring / Summer 2017 collection is called ‘Ferdinand and the Flowers’. We talked about the brand many times before.

Just a quick resume:

MOTORETA started in 2013, based and produced in the south of Spain. Created by the architects Cristina López-Lago and Maria Llerena. Their clothes are comfortable and modern with an artistic twist. Every season they create a story that evolves on the prints, colors and textures.

This season Cristina and Maria pay tribute to Munro Leaf’s book “The Story of Ferdinand”, a unique and gentle bull that is true to his kind and tender nature.
The main colours are  black, white, grey, red, pink & mustard. Combined with playful and great details such as golden prints, stripes and frills.

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Motoreta S/S 2016

To me Motoreta is the brand of pretty dresses. I know they are doing more than that and really really good but hardly anyone does dresses like Motoreta. The colours, the patterns, the details… wow!

This new S/S collection is such a joy. I remember I saw it last year during Playtime and instantly loved it. The striped dress {last image}…

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Motoreta S/S 2015
Motoreta S/S 2015
Motoreta S/S 2015

Motoreta S/S 2015
Motoreta S/S 2015
Motoreta S/S 2015
Motoreta S/S 2015
MOTORETA is a young brand of kids wear fromSeville, Spain. Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena started in 2012 and created a simple but sophisticated brand that is well known already for its plain colors and clean shapes. And especially for its outstanding quality and silhouettes!

And when I say plain and clean… it sounds so boring, but the beauty of Motoreta is: it is totally not! You will find grey, black, white or denim … but INSIDE… there is yellow, pink or blue… these clothes need to be discovered!

“A small-scale brand that bets for clothes locally and sustainably produced, choosing quality raw materials and enhancing the small industry. This local production is supported by a global distribution so we are developing a carefully but strong international presence. An example of how a local manufacturing can go together with a global thinking, design and best quality. Garments and accessories for kids, very comfortable, with contemporary cutting, high quality and 100% made ​​in Andalusia.”


Find the collection here, here or here.


A few things… {Friday list}

Soft Gallery S/S 15
The new collection from Soft Gallery

Also check Motoreta! Stunning!

caroline bosmans // emoicon
The new Caroline Bosmans collections soon available here…

Winter Water Factory is clearing the stock to make space for the new S/S collection. 40% off everything… check.


I think I am in friend love.... // book
Who would you give this book to…?

Miss Ruby Tuesday.

Happyyyy jumper

A haaaappy jumper!

Give the kids wardrobe a splash of colour.
handpainted mural

I really like the murals hand painted by artist Polina!

A bear and his sandwich…
nestrockerThese cushions & mattresses can be assembled through velcro. You can build houses, sofas, a gym and anything you want!

Happy week end everyone. I will go to Germany for one day on Sunday and on my way back {Monday morning} go and visit CIFF.

Maybe I will see you there?






Pequeno shop – little fashion kids


pequeno shop
pequeno shop

pequeno shop

Do you know Pequeno shop?

They have a great collection of just the trendiest brands like Wolf&Rita, Motoreta and JUST BO. Next to that all time favourites like Mini Rodini and Tocoto Vintage…

To make it complete you can find exclusive items like these hand knit baby blankets from Yarningmade.

And the new collections just started to arrive…. so: Happy Shopping!

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