5 inspiring playrooms

Whenever I share a picture of our playroom on Instagram {here or here for example} the feedback is always really good, interested and often I get lots of questions.

So I thought it is time to share a little more about playrooms. Ours came together by accident. More or less. It started to be a bedroom when we moved in. But the kids preferred to sleep with a sibling {or us} and the bed in there stayed empty. After a while we moved it and VOILA – the playroom was born.

It is definitely one of the most used rooms {together with the kitchen} in our house however I learned and saw at friends houses – is the playroom not close to where everything happens and where you are, it is not used that much. Ours is connected to the kitchen and it is perfect.

How you decorate and fill your playroom is of course up to you. A reading nook or even a small sofa or a good armchair are perfect for quieter moments. A table is a must for jigsaws, board games and and and…

We have a very long hallway next to the playroom and the table is there most of the times {we just moved it in the playroom actually, I like to change and try new set ups}.

Online you can find lots of inspiration and objects on Flinders for example – little furniture and great decor articles to personalize your space.

Here are 5 inspiring playrooms that I would like to share with you and to give you some ideas:


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