5 inspirational and cosy shared kids bedrooms

inspirational and cosy shared kids bedrooms
My own family is probably the best example why some inspiration on shared kids rooms is really helpful from time to time. With four kids in the house it is nearly impossible to give each their own space. And since we enjoy our playroom very much, it also makes one bedroom less.
And yet, of course, having a playroom also means that we have less toys and ‘stuff’ in the other rooms. Which makes it easier to do shared bedrooms.
In our house the set up is this: Romy, our eldest, has the smallest room and it is all for herself. We have a playroom and Antoine & Leonor share a bedroom. Our youngest, Josephine, still has her corner in our bedroom.

And for us a bunk bed was more or less the only solution. Putting two beds in here, we tried it for a little while just to see, took too much space and looked strange with the shape of the room.

But there are other options too. Of course.
I found five really great shared kids rooms. With different ideas and some even make space for four children. Maybe I should re-think our set up too. Getting my office back might be really cool. Ha, just kidding…

How is it in your house? Do the kids sleep in separate rooms or do they share?

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