My Top Ten new baby favourites

top ten baby

3 babies, lots of products we bought, received, tried, tested and and and… I mean if you have kids you know: the market is full with kids and baby products.
There is a lot of nonsense, kitsch and more choice than your brain is able to take in…

I thought I could show you what our family really uses – and I mean using every day!
Things we cannot imagine not to have and that are more part of the family than just “items”…. well loved and that I would recommend to anyone and I absolutely believe a new family should have!

1. The Doomoo is a very versatile beanbag designed to suit from birth to approximately 10 years.
It comes with two detachable and washable covers, one with a soft harness making it a very snug and comfortable bed for the new born and the second without the harness to make a fabulous comfy seat for the toddler and beyond! All 3 kids love it!

2. I so enjoyed and do enjoy carrying my babies! I have a few different models but my absolute favourite is the wrap from Didymos.
They carry lots of styles and I am sure you will find one that suits your taste.
That cute picture above I found on the Maverick Baby blogMB is a fantastic shop with all kinds of carriers and Ali, the owner, knows lots about carrying, so if you have a question and/or need help – just ask her or join one of her babywearing work shops!

And there is a very good article about the benefits of babywearing too!

3. Oh…. what would we do without our hammock – I really don’t know. It is so nice to look at, so comfy for the baby and a great help to put them to sleep!
On the website they say: Swinging softly even calms down really fussy babies, as being cradled in a snug environment provides a feeling of safety. At the same time, the sense of balance and the development of the brain are stimulated.

4. We got our bee just right after it came out some years ago and it is still going strong – 3rd baby, a board. No problem. It is so easy to maneuver, practical, light, nice looking – the perfect city stroller!

5. Love this baby gym – there is not so much to say about it. My two last babies loved to stare and later play with it and I like the look.

top ten baby

6. We do have other onesies but nothing can really beat Petit Bateau. Great quality {some have been worn by all three}, nice and simple designs and pure cotton. The current collection is really sweet too and I had to get one of those for KleinL in green eclat.

7. Another one that probably does not need much introduction – those muslins and swaddles are just the best. The softest, the best patterns and the biggest! Cannot do without…
Favourite are the bamboo ones – pure pleasure!

8. Oh Sophie… you are with us for a long time now and helped lots of teeth coming through and entertained the kids with your little squeaks!

9. Baby can sit comfy and secure in the bath and next to the siblings! Of course you have to be there but you can check on the others too… and there is no wobbling and sliding and that sort…

10. Bubbles, lots of bubbles and all natural! Plant-based Baby Bee bubble bath combined with nourishing soy protein to wash baby’s skin without irritation.

What are your favourite products? Is there something I should add to this list?


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