The last one for March {Friday list}


I literally want them all.

Cool games for little people.

Slacks and Co do some great maternity wear, perfect outfit for the party we host at The Hive - what do you think?

...a propos... Berlin - Little Pop up!

Love this series of pictures!

Funky Time - very happy e-mag.

Nice kids wallpaper.

Natural Easter egg dying - easy peasy and beautiful!

Just wonderful!

And here you find some cute printables and ideas for your Easter brunch!

... we will dye lots of eggs this week end, KleinR is excited already and I should get going with my tax return which is slightly disturbing my good mood ...

Happy week end everyone and thank you again for all your sweet comments yesterday... xxx

Very French Gangsters - eyewear for kids

veryfrench gangsters
Oh yes, I love this and if I would need to find glasses for the kids this is the place I would turn to.

Awesome. Very French Gangsters did it all right!

These kids are to die for, the glasses ... well I repeat: awesome and honestly, are there still people who think glasses are not cool? They are. Point!

Store list here.


1, 2 and 14 weeks

14 weeks
Yesterday I went for my 3rd scan and this baby {number three} looks all perfect... and I am telling you it is kind of weird for me to announce a happy new arrival here on the blog... I am excited and will spend a summer eating ice cream and sitting {big wish} in the sun.

And this is the reason why you have not seen much of me and I even skipped posts.

Lot of things are going on here right now and on some days it really became too much, plus I was so incredibly tired I could hardly sit at my desk and concentrate on the easiest things.

Anyway, apart from this blog, The Hive and novalee, we had long and lots of talks about moving {away from Amsterdam}.
This will not happen right now and put us in some creative thinking: changing the kids room.
A small room, 2 kids and soon a baby. Lots of ideas, space issues, shopping and soon painting and putting furniture up. Cross your fingers xxx
{comes in handy to write a kids blog}

At the very end of last year I met {for the first time} my real father. Now I won't go into details here but I can tell you: I am not sure this was a good or not so good thing to do and left my head even busier. Oh yes.

And not to forget the two little people I adore so much and one of them just celebrated his 2nd birthday last Sunday {pictures coming}.

All together, I have lots of things to share with you {just give me a moment}, I am very happy however have to fill my energy levels, make a few decisions and wohooooo... remember I told you, 2012 will rock, and it alreadys does!

Kisses and thank you for reading my blog and everything xoxo


Marilyn Tov S/S 2012

Marilyn Tov is back with a new site and a new collection. Adorable as usual and still the best French brand which is not French {if that made any sense now}.

All made and designed in New York, full of ruffles and those big pocket shorts are just the greatest...

Flower Power

flower power I

How do you like your flower?
Liberty? Bright and happy?

I really love them in a vase on my desk but there is no summer without a flower dress isn't?
flower power II

And I do like when rain wear looks more like sunny wear, like these cool wellies and the sweet coat.

Right now I am just so swoon by this crazy weather here I cannot stop with summer and happy and beautiful... ah yeah... in Amsterdam you really have to enjoy the sun the moment it's out as you never know how long it will last!


Hello sunshine {Friday list}

Perfect colours to describe the Spring feeling here in Amsterdam these last days...

Teddy bear toast! So simple yet so great...

Cool bed linen.

Foldschool is a collection of free cardboard furniture for kids. There’s the classic stool — strong enough to let an adult stand on it – a kid chair and the great rocking chair.

Cool tree wall sticker.
Cutest baby hat.

Some music for your week end!

All I want are strawberries! Pure or with cream...

Teenager wear from One Sunday.

{Did you enter the great give away I am hosting? Win a GBP50 gift voucher from Molly Meg!}

Now I am heading to school, first time KleinR will be on scene and singing. Can't wait and she was so proud. Plus parents were not allowed into school the last 2 days because they prepared a surprise and BIG GIRL she kept it all to herself...

And on Sunday is KleinA's birthday. Baking, entertaining guests and lots of fun... pictures next week!

So nice to have the sun with us these last and coming days!



Le Carrousel S/S 2012

You might have noticed that I am a fan of French label Le Carrousel as it is not the first time I write about them. (check here)

And I have to say this S/S collection is stunning, lots of great colours, easy to wear very French style pieces and my absolute favourite is this beautiful little jacket which just goes with everything and turns {well everything} into an eye-catcher.

Bravo Marie Laure!
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