Tutu du Monde {give away}

Tutu Du Monde
Tutu Du Monde
It is February 29th and because this day comes along just every 4 years I thought it is a perfect occasion to do something nice for my readers.

An awesome give away from Tutu du Monde it is.
Every little girl should have a tutu in her wardrobe and the creme de la creme is called Tutu du monde, so get ready and enter to win!

The pictures are speaking for themselves, these tutus are extraordinary and definitely something very special. Sparkling eyes ... I can see them already ...

You can win a tutu of YOUR CHOICE (most go up to size 10/11 years, have a look).

I am using my super little widget again to make it easy for you to get the extra entries and easy for me to keep track :)

The one MANDATORY part is:
Please leave a comment below and tell me, which tutu you would choose if you win. 
Have a look at the collection here.

Please do tick the box for the comment in the widget too, so you are "registered" and added to the entries. All other entries are free to enter and higher your chances.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My fingers are crossed xxx

STOCS - unique and educational

A STOCS M - 01
A STOCS M - 03
A STOCS M - 07
A STOCS M - 06
A STOCS M - 09
With STOCS you can build anything you want. Whether it’s a house, a tower, a den, a boat or a beast…all you have to do is tie knots.

And this is such a brilliant idea coming from The Netherlands! Be an architect and create your very own ideas, make plans and build away, invite friends and get creative.

The clever cord construction set comprises 20 part rigid fabric STOCS that have a stiff barrel but flexible fabric ends. The rope ends allows each STOC to be tied to another to create imaginative architectural constructions. The sets can be used indoors or outdoors too and are hand washable (do you say it like that?)

"Through STOCS children develop their understanding of lines, angles and shapes. Children engage in the principles of maths, engineering and architecture through play. The product appeals to schools and families equally. STOCS is a superb activity for any imaginative child."

Available via Toyella, of course, if somebody has it in stock then Toyella or if you are in Berlin, d.nik stocks them too!


Lilly Marthe Ebener F/W 2012

Based in Paris and hand knit in Germany from 100% natural alpaca wool blends, these pieces are a dream.

Lilly Marthe Ebener's baby collection brings tears in your eyes it is that soft and beautiful. Believe me! I saw the collection at Playtime Paris and instantly wanted a baby to put in them.

See the list of retailers here.

PS: Check out the women collection as well, for you...

Arsène et les pipelettes S/S 2012

arseneChloe Bailliencourt decided in 2005 to establish Arsène et les pipelettes, which means Arsene and the chatterboxes.

She started with a boys and girls collection and added a baby collection 3 years later, when her first child was born.

The summer collection of this French label is crisp and casual. Sweet summer skirts and the loveliest little tees. Linen pants for the boys. Simple, chic, French.

To buy on the site directly and very soon here too.

PS: Here is a tiny insight to the A/W collection.

Love it Love it Love it - online shop

love it
"The idea for Love It Love It Love It was conceived when I realised that yet again, one of my daughters had grown out of a really lovely item of clothing before they'd hardly had a chance to wear it.  Not because they grow particularly fast, just because these clothes were always being saved for 'best' - they needed ironing, special care or were too delicate to stand up to everyday wear.  Why couldn't lovely clothes also be clothes that kids could wear every day to play in, learn in and actually get some proper wear out of?"

And there is really not much more to say about this shop. Except maybe that Ruth is one of the most funny people around and if you do not follow her on Twitter yet, please do.

And the good news are, take code PAULPAULA and get 15% off everything until March 16th.

Go and find the most fun, quirky and high quality labels for your kids and add some colour to their spring outfits! Happy shopping!

PS: With the A/W 2012/13 collection Love it will stock clothes up to 10 years! Yay!


Corby Tindersticks

Corby Tindersticks is this new supercool and cute online shop with funky tees and hoodies, plus fun posters and even toys.

"At Corby Tindersticks we aim to create fun design and illustration for kids and grown ups. Driven by the need for a creative outlet, we lovingly design products for a refreshing point of difference to the high street. Oh and we try to look after the environment and source fair trade whenever possible..."

I am very happy to have them as a sponsor on Paul & Paula as I just love all their products.

The styling of their products is really inspiring as well...

Go straight to the shop here!

All about yellow, mustard and Spring!

yellow and ...
Right now I am totally into this colour scheme. What is it? Some kind of yellow and mustard and maybe even a tint of olive and beige? Hmmmm... it is actually funny to see and hear the different opinions people have about colours. I say beige, you say yellow, check the colourcode and it most probably tells you something like "lemon swirl"...
... Spring is in the air and these colours just make me happy. Eastern is soon, flowers are blooming, the park is waiting for us and the ice cafes open their doors soon... we are ready to wear colours!


The last one in February {Friday list}

I can never have enough of those bunnies.

Lots of stars for little stars.

The new collection from Soft Gallery really makes me dream about summer and lots of ice cream.

Molly Meg is now selling the lovely pillows and more from La Cerise sur le gateau.

These feather dishes for me please.

To eat this!

And this.
Vivienne Westwood For Mini Melissa Blue Heart Shoes
These Mini Melissas smell of candies. Ha!

Luli Sanchez.

I think for my next birthday I will do a kids birthday theme and then I can get all those cute things to eat. Found here.

Colourful face.
Baby doll tub and accessories.

Bag love.

Cool dress from UBANG babblechat.

The new Petit Hood site is ready and it is so great. Check it out!
This is Kurt and he is new in the Die Kleinen Biester family.

The first week of school holidays is over. We put them flowers on the balcony, had a supernice lunch together with daddy, had lots of indood playtime fun on a rainy day, outdoor playground fun on a sunny day, baked a cake and watched Mary Poppins a couple of times.

Happy week end everyone!

Shiseido - Concentrate Essential {for us}

Some time ago one of my best friends bought a package of those little wonders whilst I visited her. And because it was a kids free week end I asked to find out what magic it does.

In the end she gave me one of the tiny bottles to try it out myself. She was already a fan, I am since I opened that bottle. Shiseido Essential Concentrate. I love you!

"Shiseido Concentrate Essential is a highly nourishing, skin repair treatment formulated with Bio-Hyaluronic Acid. The quick absorb formula quenches skin thirst, unveiling a smoother and more radiant complexion."

I am aware it is not cheap, but this is like superhighlymegaconcentrated. One bottle contains 10 units but but but... I can tell you, I am using it even more often. I do not apply it every day but every here and then. When I feel my skin is a little dull or looks tired, a bit dry or just when I feel I need a little boost... and well... seeing the season and the 2 little people who keep me busy all day long there are just days I want a little pampering. I love this stuff and believe me my skin does look different in the morning. Fresh and ready :)

Check the net or your preferred perfume dealer and/ or I guess most department stores have it in stock too.


Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. is a boutique stationery brand and design studio based in Winter Park, Florida created by Anna Bond together with her husband Nathan.

"We take great care in choosing all of our stock and printing methods to ensure our designs come to life in a way that's elegant, durable, and beautiful. All of our products are currently printed locally in the U.S. using environmentally friendly papers & printing and then assembled by hand by our in-house production team."

I love every single print and card in the kids selection. How cool is that "Anatomy of love" print? It cannot be early enough to know where the heart is... and those invitations... so cute!

You should check out the blog as well, awesome gift ideas and product picks.

La Vintagerie

28 janvier 2012 233
Medicine cabinet 50s
28 janvier 2012 114
School poster 60s
Cheval à bascule Charles et Ray Eames
La Vintagerie is a great webshop for vintage and retro furniture and objects.

Gaëlle loves and collects furniture and toys from the 40's to the 70's.
She gives them a second life and these carefully selected objects are then on sale on her website.

Children's chairs, small furniture, toys, books as well as tissue creations and beautiful posters, my favourites.


Banana bread {recipe}

banana bread
Photo: Paul & Paula

The little mister was crazy about bananas, yes WAS.

So what better than a banana bread we could do plus his big sister is on school vacay right now and this is such an easy recipe to make.
It is, quite frankly, one of the best family recipes ever.

Easy, quick and everybody loves it! Of course there are more than enough recipes to be found around the net and in the books, this is our favourite:

260g self raising flour
40g plain flour
1 tsp ground cinnamon
140g brown sugar (really get the brown stuff, its a difference)
125ml milk
2 eggs, whisked
50g butter, melted and cooled
3 very ripe bananas, mashed

* preheat the oven to 180C
* grease a loaf pan

* combine the flours in a bowl and add the cinnamon and sugar
* in another bowl you mix the milk, eggs, butter and banana
-> whisking eggs and mashing bananas is a good job for the kids to do

* now you add the banana mixture to the flour mixture and stir until just combined
* spoon everything in the pan

* bake for around 45min/ a skewer should come out clean

I love it all fresh from the oven, still warm... Yum!

Bon appetit!

Onszelf - cool wallpaper made in Amsterdam

Very happy to have something really beautiful and made in Amsterdam for you today.

Onszelf {ourself} are Claudia and Astrid and they design the most cheerful wallpapers a kids room can ask for. What do you think?

It is so great to not to see the general blue or pink colours when it comes to kids room decor. They do some really cool art, in a kids and not kitsch way. I love it!

Shop them here for example.


Milibe Copenhagen S/S 2012

If the Spring wardrobe still needs some pieces... you do have not have to look any further.

This collection from Milibe Copenhagen is perfection. Everything you need is covered.

Jumpsuits. Check.
Stripes. Check.
Rad colours. Check.
Comfortable. Check.
Easy peasy yet cool dresses and pants. Check.

Happy shopping!

The new collection will be in store very soon, for example here.
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