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After the very successful list from Petra "15 beautiful things from Croatia and Hungary" I am very happy to have the sweet people from Ladne Bebe here today, sharing their TOP20 things Made in Poland.

Hi there!
ladnebebe.pl from Poland here. We write about beautiful things and inspirations for kids and parents. Apart from beautiful foreign things we always try to discover and promote Polish products, especially since Polish products for children are growing in strength and it is worth it that the world hears about them. They have beautiful design, often referring to the folk tradition and are made with great attention to details. Here is our subjective 20 - it was really not easy to choose!

1. Creature Industry - the world of soft, friendly, furry creatures, created with passion but also with a little bit of tongue in cheek. Very original, will provide not only a nice cuddly toy but also a unique children's room decor. Moreover, parents love it too

2. Kaszubebe - Polish wooden puzzles for babies and memo games for children with Polish folk patterns. They are all organic, made from natural ingredients, safe for babies

3. Gagani - unique cuddly toys and music boxes made from scraps of clothing. Beautiful design that not only children but also parents love.

4. Happydots - a new brand but with great potential. Girls design their own fabrics, produce them and then sew sleeping bags, duvets and beddings. Vibrant, colorful patterns, far from the typical baby design. Our favorite - the anchor!

5. Miss Milupka - it all started with Blythe dolls: dolls need clothes, but ordinary clothes were not good enough, hence the idea of the beautiful tulle collars. The collars proved to be so sweet that the owners of the dolls (both grown and not) wanted to have the same for themselves. From there it was only a step to many variations on them!

6. Miniio - unique dollhouses. Modern, in their interior one can find the latest trends in interior design. Envy the dolls!

7. Kalimba - a whole series of plush toys, games, home decoration items. Stylistically consistent, warm, made for children by the mother well remembering her childhood.

8. Mukaki - it is a project of the designers sewing original accessories for children's rooms. In their assortment one can find a lamp with a big globe at the bottom (difficult to knock down) and huge dachshund poufs that all children love. We really like a felt house – beautifull and practical!

9. Gucio shoes – worn by children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and also Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s singer Chris Martin. Invented and patented 10 years ago in Poland by a father who at the time was industrial design student. They have a unique style and an even more unique look. They are sewn in a small factory in Poland. They cannot be confused with any other shoes. Not only children look sensational wearing them but also parents are confident that their children wear shoes that are healthy for childrens feet.

10. Three mice - colorful cardboard world from Poland. In addition to classic cottages they also make washing machines, stoves and even clocks or police cars.

11. Dream nation - these leggings and hammer pants are loved by the whole fashionable Poland. Made of bamboo fibre, they are so comfortable that you do not want to take them off. Loved by children. Magnificently match everything

12. Paper town - it is great play with the city of cardboard models accurately capturing landscape of Polish cities. There are blocks of flats, buses, cars, fountains. All well-designed from a solid and durable cardboard. Easy to assemble without scissors and glue.

13. Ciocia zoja (aunt zoja) - toys hand-carved from raw wood; created by an aunt to a niece. Look beautiful as a decoration, but it is also beautiful to play with them. There are tractors, cars and choo-choos with wagons

14. Rafa kids - invented and designed by Polish architects; the unique beds made of plywood; ergonomic, modern, mobile, creating space for creative play. not yet available for sales and already in high demand!

15. Kids on the moon – everyday tutu? Yes it is possible! Comfortable, beautiful, with wide cotton elastic at the waist, in wonderful pastel colors. Thay also provide nice tracksuit tops. Tutus are also available in versions for moms!

16. Kuklo - extremely comfortable tracksuits for toddlers. Simple, but interesting typefaces, soft and safe fabrics. Always big pockets and loose fit. Kids love it!

17. Patatay - a range of modern in form, wooden rocking toys for children, created by designer Iwona Kosicka. One can find a classic horse but also a dog, an elephant, a sheep and even a rabbit. Intense or very natural colors, custom-made, carved and painted by hand.

18. Bambaki – the cutest creatures in the world. Gray, but absolutely not gloomy. For hugging and scaring (for example a vampire version). There are also mustached versions and some a little bit sulky. Available on etsy.com, thus they travel the world.

19. Efvva shoes - shoes that enchant the whole of Europe. Made from natural leather, beautifully hand-sewn and also hand-painted so each paire is unique. For true connoisseurs of children's shoes

20. Miszkomaszko - first of all wonderful two-sided dolls but also mermaids and recently also clothing. All hand-sewn with great attention to every detail, also from self-produced fabrics.

{Thank you so much for this cool list!}

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