1, 2 and 14 weeks


14 weeks
Yesterday I went for my 3rd scan and this baby {number three} looks all perfect... and I am telling you it is kind of weird for me to announce a happy new arrival here on the blog... I am excited and will spend a summer eating ice cream and sitting {big wish} in the sun.

And this is the reason why you have not seen much of me and I even skipped posts.

Lot of things are going on here right now and on some days it really became too much, plus I was so incredibly tired I could hardly sit at my desk and concentrate on the easiest things.

Anyway, apart from this blog, The Hive and novalee, we had long and lots of talks about moving {away from Amsterdam}.
This will not happen right now and put us in some creative thinking: changing the kids room.
A small room, 2 kids and soon a baby. Lots of ideas, space issues, shopping and soon painting and putting furniture up. Cross your fingers xxx
{comes in handy to write a kids blog}

At the very end of last year I met {for the first time} my real father. Now I won't go into details here but I can tell you: I am not sure this was a good or not so good thing to do and left my head even busier. Oh yes.

And not to forget the two little people I adore so much and one of them just celebrated his 2nd birthday last Sunday {pictures coming}.

All together, I have lots of things to share with you {just give me a moment}, I am very happy however have to fill my energy levels, make a few decisions and wohooooo... remember I told you, 2012 will rock, and it alreadys does!

Kisses and thank you for reading my blog and everything xoxo
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