The last one for this year ... {Friday list}

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Sweet boy and girl cube!

Amazing and festive cake.


Lets write more cards in 2012. by hand... and these are gorgeous and so lovely to send to someone you like.

Beanbag pit stop! 

Love the girl and the hat...
Eliane et Lea - French fashion for girls and cool pieces for mums too.

Cute boy!

lace tape
Lace Tape.

Kickcan & Konkers shop. Please have a look!
ange dore
Golden Angel....

Now... Spring/Summer is getting closer and you can find some really great deals here. KidsCase dresses, Ketiketa and more... for small prices....

Toothbrush vases. 

Sweet clouds.

I am very happy, because tomorrow we will host a breakfast here in Berlin and lots of old friends will join us. I cannot wait to see them all... all in one place...

Wooden pecanpals.

Lovely skirt.

Christmas Sale at Line + Liv as well.

I am running around with my camera all the time and found some really great stuff to share. All coming very soon... so excited...

Wishing you all a fantastic week end!

* * * Happy New Year! Frohes Neues Jahr! Bonne Annee! * * *

PS: Already got some new sneakers for KleinA here in Berlin :)


CAN - clothes, vinyl. art and much more


CAN is located in Copenhagen and is a combination of a store and a gallery. CAN sells records, clothes and art. And because we have 2011 (still a few days) you can get this cool stuff online as well.

Above you see a selection (well my selection) of items... LOVE IT!




Nadine and Almut always liked to knit.

Their little garments became quickly popular and after it started to get really busy to knit everything by themselves they thought: Who can knit really good these days, by hand that is?

That is how the idea of working together with grandmothers started.

All pieces from Strickliebling (which you could translate to something like knit darling) are made from 100% Merino wool, which means: super soft!

The clothes are for kids from 0-10 years and there are lots of sweet accessories like blankets (perfect new baby gift), socks and booties or mittens and scarves.

I totally like these very traditional and simple cardigans that go with anything or these cute striped jumpers...

The website is only in German but I think it is really easy to navigate the shop otherwise just drop a line to Nadine and Almut and they will be very happy to help you!

PS: The grandmothers could creat some sweet friendships and a new social life as part of this adventure. I think it is perfect and shows how far you can reach with a great idea!


Gift wrapping {a guest post}

New paper wrap
photo credit - please click

Jo Middleton is a freelance writer, living with her partner and two daughters in Bristol.
Jo writes the award winning blog Slummy Single Mummy.

To make sure you never again find yourself with no gift wrap five minutes before a kid’s party, all you need is a small cupboard, drawer or storage box, equipped with a selection of emergency birthday essentials. With the help of your well stocked gift tool kit you can always look like a well-organised and thoughtful friend, with a special card or beautifully wrapped gift for every last minute occasion. It’s also a brilliant way to turn the present wrapping into a fun family occasion, rather than a stressful last minute rush!

A bit of up front investment is required to stock your box but it is worth every penny and will save you money in the long run. It’s also a great activity to do with your children, as they’ll love shopping for ribbons and bows, and helping to create a beautiful box full of goodies.

So, grab your box, here’s what you need:

Start with the basics and buy a selection of cards and gift wrap. You will need a good range of age and situation appropriate items, suitable for everything from birthdays and thank yous to new babies and weddings. The key here is to go for simple but elegant. A card with a tasteful picture and a blank inside can be used for all sorts of different occasions. Good quality plain gift wrap, tissue paper and plain, bright gift bags and boxes can always be jazzed up with pretty accessories to adapt them to the right age or situation.

This leads us on to the other gift box basic – accessories. Ribbons, bows, flowers, gift tags - this is where you can let your imagination run away with you. Invest in a few basics and you can add to your collection as you go along. Save pretty ribbons or bows from presents you are given and scour thrift stores and markets for vintage buttons, fabrics and lace. Once you start looking you’ll be amazed at how many bits and pieces you can accumulate. You can then customize your gifts with pretty extra accessories that will have everyone convinced that you have put in a lot of thought and effort.

Equipment is next. There is nothing more annoying that having everything in place for the perfect gift but not being able to find a pair of scissors to cut your vintage ribbon with. Get together a little box full of scissors, tape, glue and pens and enjoy the smug feeling you get every time you go to wrap a gift and find everything you need right there waiting for you. Don’t forget to include stamps for posting last minute cards.

It is also useful to keep a few generic gifts for last minute presents. You can pick things up on sale whenever you come across them and build up a good store of books, toys and generic gifts. Always go for style over fashion – you don’t want your gift to date if it spends a year in your cupboard.

And that’s your box done. The next time a guest unexpectedly announces it’s their birthday the next day you’ll be able to make your excuses, sneak off to your secret store cupboard, and reappear with a thoughtful looking card and gift as if you knew all along about the imminent celebration.

Happy wrapping!

{Thank you Jo, I think these are brilliant tips!}


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you all so much for reading my blog, following me through this year... with all the exciting things that popped up and even more to come in 2012.

I wish you all a very fabulous time with your families and loved ones. Lots of love and happiness and that all your wishes will come true...
I feel so grateful for all the wonderful people I met and the new friends I have made through blogging.



The just before Christmas list

Gorgeous {Christmas} trees from Lovi. In various sizes...


Playful industrial.

Cute party invitations.
Ginger&Ruby cashmere star scarf in various colours and for mum and kids.

Would you think that this toy was designed in 1965?

A shelf, a desk, a storage unit... whatever you like. I love it!

Happy scarves for cold days.

Elfie London.


Hand-printed plates by Lisa Grue with neon pom-poms - YES please!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Have a fantastic week end and great gifts and amazing food!

Hugs and Kisses xoxo

PS: I will be away next week and the blog a bit more quiet. I have posts scheduled to give you something to read and look at... :)

Club Cinq


CLUB CINQ is a new elegant and timeless children clothing label which came to live on a mountain in Switzerland and everything is just totally up my alley. The colours, the cuts and actually I would wear it myself if it would be available for adults!

Kathelijn Ruys-Quist started designing and making her own clothes since the young age of eight. During her childhood and her years at Utrecht university (Kathelijn has a law degree) she developed her own style, a beautiful harmony between minimalism and elegance.

In 2007 Kathelijn gave up her job and followed her husband to Switzerland together with their children. Here she picked up her hobby and started designing stylish, high quality and comfortable children’s clothing with magnificent fabrics. Club Cinq was born early 2011.

In case you wondered about woolen cardigans and summer shorts, Kathelijn chose for a continual collection with summer and winter items as she reaches clients all over the world via her web shop. Clever!


Wonder Box

wonder box
wonder box

The Wonder Box was created by Monica Förster and is a really cool children’s furniture piece from Sweden.

I just love furniture that looks good, is practical, can be used for different things and is not too big either. This box is a bench, table and/ or storage unit!

It appears as a {tiny} monochrome cube. However, it is a table with a matching bench that perfectly fit into one another to form a block.
On one side, the rotating tabletop can be used as a writing desk, while the other has a blackboard finish. How cool is that!

This little Wonder Box measures 50 x 70 cm. Kids and Parents {will} love it.

Available here.

Winter Small Style

These pictures are a bit older. They are from the week end we visited a Christmas market in Germany beginning December... I saw them just again and thought they are perfect for some small style just right before Christmas!

Coat: Jacadi
Hat and Scarf: Benetton
Tights: BodeBo
Boots: Bisgaard

Whohooooo... quick as the wind :)

Coat: Jacadi
Chapka and Scarf: Zara
Jeans: H+M
Shoes: Naturino


Same coat and a hat from: Zara
Neckwarmer and gloves: knitted by mama
And the dress you can hardly see is from: Petit Bateau

Dress (and I love her in it): Shamo
Neckwarmer: Fournier
Hat: Local shop
Tights: Hema
Wellies: Bergstein

And what you might think are gloves are actually socks that daddy got her some time ago... :)

Please hop over to Mama loves Papa for more small style...


Diamond in the snow

Images: Paul & Paula

The cover of this enchanting book sparkles silvery white as a friendly mole stands in the snow. And this is how it got my attention, it is so beautiful to look at and does not disappoint in the inside as well!

The story:
Little Mole finds a magical ice "diamond" in the snow. As he carries the wet and slippery treasure home, the diamond disappears in his hands.
With his woodland friend, he retraces his steps to the foot of the tree where he found it to see hundreds hanging from the branches...

As you turn the pages you see the wood transformed by the ice, capturing the real beauty of snow on a sunny day. It is just magical!

I got this book when we went to Germany recently and the kids love it...
They now want to search for their own "diamond" next time it snows!

German and English version.

Molly Meg


Whenever I open the site of Molly Meg I have a smile on my face.
Why? Because I love the pictures of the hanging chairs so much... it just really makes me happy!

I am delighted to write another sponsor highlight today and even more delighted to have this awesome shop on my blog.

"Molly-Meg is dedicated to bringing 20th Century Modern design icons to the world of children.By offering a carefully selected range of “Miniature classics” for children by leading designers, our aim is to show that good design is not just for adults. Taste and style can appeal to every age and blend seamlessly into any modern home."

Molly Meg is inspiration.
Absolute fantastic designer furniture, mixed with vintage and some cool toys from Lucky Boy Sunday, Little Red Stuga and the likes... This handpicked selection will add uniqueness to any child’s room.
The coolest chairs in miniature sizes... and I am in love with that Acapulco chair!

Hop on over and find...

.:: Molly Meg on Twitter ::.
.:: Molly Meg on Facebook ::.
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