First and last one in July {Friday list}

.... yes yes yes... the Friday list still exists... here it is, fresh and BIG... enjoy... xoxo


Crib designed by Katrin Arens.

Pop up hibou.
Retro Villa Type Cases.... absolutely W.A.N.T.!

Very special wooden dolls.


Claudia Schiffer launched her cashmere collection. How do you like it?
I do like it and prices start at 250Euro... Christmas' coming soon :)

Bugaboo bee All Black coming out in September ... it is somehow calling my name.... weird... :)
Hand crocheted alpaca butterflies and sealife creatures by Oeuf NYC.

If you are looking for a wedding dress, for you and/or your daughter... you might want to check out this site!

Sweet star bracelet.


Cuddle pillow from Pat & Patty.

I added a few colourful pictures from Paris to my photo blog, if you like...

I wish you all a really nice week end. The Paul & Paula family has no plans whatsoever... and this did not happen since somewhere in March.

Big and long cuddles in bed, even longer breakfast and if the weather is nice we gonna take the bikes for a tour.
Kisses and see you back on Monday... xoxo

Butik Butik Copenhagen {a shop}

Remember that I wrote a post about our week end Copenhagen?
I mentioned a few shops we visited during our time in one of my favourite cities... well the fun people from Butik Butik found my post and sent me some really nice pictures of their shop which I have to share with you so you can see why this is a MUST STOP for everybody travelling to Copenhagen...

If you live there it might be a very dangerous place to go :)

butik butik
butik butik
butik butik
butik butik
butik butik


bed and philosophy


I found this gorgeous bed linen line when I visited Serendipity in Paris.
I like to sleep in pure, simple high quality bed sheets and like the same for my kids.
Sleeping is important, it takes a good part of our day and I think it deserves to be surrounded by something tender... something beautiful...
And I can tell you bed and philosophy absolutely tick all the boxes on my "bed linen wish list".

The most lovely colours and details. A collection for mamas and papas as well as for babies and kids.

The website is in French only but you can send a mail to Sonia and/or visit Serendipity which has an e shop too.

Sweet dreams. xxx

it mylk {Paris}


There is a supercute and new little cafe in Saint Germain de Pres in Paris called it mylk.
Frozen yoghurt with your topping of choice... to give it a quick name.

Yogurt ice cream, fresh yogurt, milkshakes and small cakes
... everything you get here is made from yoghurt. In form of ice or naturel, sweet or plain or chocolate flavour and with over 20 toppings to chose from: Strawberries, bananas, mini macarons, nuts, crumble, caramel...
Everything is made from fresh milk - delivered every morning from a farm just outside Paris.

Our kids love yoghurt and it is such a nice treat on a hot afternoon.

The place is really sweet as well, with lounge chairs, benches, big colourful pillows and the counter tiled in turquoise.

I am sure next time we go to Paris there will be already more branches because this is such a fresh and yummy place!

Address: 15 rue de l’ancienne comédie, 75006 Paris


And the winner is...

The lucky winner of the USD 50 gift voucher from Eternal Creation is....

Congratulations Hiskia, please watch out for my e mail :)

Thank you all for entering!

{And I have a little surprise for everybody, use code NEXT20 and get 20% off, storewide! Nice isn't...so you are all little winners.}

Paris Hide and Seek {a book}

Paris 2011 392

I bought Paris Hide and Seek during our trip to Paris. Already beforehand I said to my husband that I would love to find a nice book about Paris for KleinR, to keep the memories and to show her that there are things you can find in books that exist in reality too.
So I was very happy when I found this treasure from Masumi.

The book: Theo’s little dog Potchi is a terrible tease: He keeps running away and getting lost in Paris!
You will help Theo finding his mischievous little pet and it will take you all over the city, north, south, east, and west! Follow Theo from the Louvre Museum to the Gare Saint-Lazare with side trips to the Champs-Élysées and the Zoo at Jardin des Plantes.

The drawings are very sweet and we had a lot of fun finding Potchi, Theo and his yellow balloon.

Now where we are back from Paris it is a nice souvenir and my daughter looking at the book is like "oh, I was there", "and here too"... "Mama, look....".... I think it is a great way to keep Paris in your kids head or to get it before a trip and let your kids already discover some sights.

{on the last picture you see hubby and KleinR reading the book "en terrasse" a Paris}

What I wore wednesday - in France

Ohoh... long time I have not done a What I wore wednesday post, sorry... I know some of you really like and looking forward to them...

Here I am, just one outfit taken during our holidays...

You know now I have my new camera it is really difficult to be the one in front of the lens...
Paris 2011 262_picnik
Paris 2011 258
Paris 2011 266_picnik

Dress: Marco Polo
Cardigan: local shop in Italy/ Lake Como
Shoes: French Sole
Scarf: Noa Noa
Earrings and necklace: Satellite

White legs: Grey weather

Linking up to more great outfits over at The Pleated Poppy!


... inspiring stands at {Playtime Paris}

This is the last post about Playtime, thank you letting me share all my impressions and favourites with you... I even skipped my Friday list and Monday collages... :)

Paris 2011 055
Paris 2011 056

One of my favourite stands, I love this charocal colour and the big fabric letters.

The Bunny Eater
Paris 2011 095
Paris 2011 094

These girls are so funny in their aprons and I like the totes a lot.
However their main collection is PJ's - based on the adventures of a big monster. A walking tale on nightwear.

Colibri + Co
Paris 2011 097

Great bags and toys, in happy and funky colours.

Coq en Pate
Paris 2011 007

A wall of cool bags.
I actually got one of these backpacks (actually that one) for KleinA and he looks so darn cute wearing it.

Voleur des bisous
Paris 2011 010

100% organic - these pillows (or doudou or toys) are so fun with their eye masks...

Pequeno Tocon

Paris 2011 077

These supertiny and very soft baby slippers made my heart jump. Walking over the moon...

Paris 2011 008

I liked the atmosphere at the Adri stand, a real pyjama feeling...

New kids brands to make you happy {Playtime}

There are some more brands that I discovered at Playtime and I love to share with you:

Paris 2011 110

I know Anais+I from webshops however they are not very well known here in Europe... lets hope this will change because I think their collection is amazing!

Paris 2011 058

Wonderful collection with a great colour scheme...

Monsieur Cucu
Paris 2011 176
Paris 2011 174
Paris 2011 173

New to me brand and so lovin' it... the dots, the fabrics and how cool is that swimsuit!?
During my research I found an online shop selling Monsieur cucu and got this for my boy... How rad is this please? Can't wait for it to arrive...


Paris 2011 103
Paris 2011 102

Original and creative pieces with great attention to detail!
Same people who are behind Gold.

Paris 2011 179

Love! Love! Love! That outfit on the right would be perfect in my size and in my wardrobe too.
This collection is adorable and the quality is TOP.

Les Toiles Blanches
Paris 2011 005

Supercute baby wear and lots of fun accessories. A must buy!

Paris 2011 049
Paris 2011 048

We know Wovenplay but I wanted to show you what they did for boys for S/S 2012. I love these shorts!

Images: Paul & Paula


Bobo Choses Spring/ Summer 2012 {Playtime favourites}

Paris 2011 072
Images: Paul & Paula

Update: Bobo Choses asked me to remove most of the pictures because they deal with copycats in Korea!

Yep, they did it ALL right again. A very nice collection is waiting for our kids next S/S. Bananas, top hats, cars and bikes... lots of yellow (YAY!) ... just the Bobo Choses Style as we know it!

Bobo Choses is a real Summer brand for me, their A/W collections are still quite cool however I always prefer what they do for summer and it is not different this time around!

And they have some very cute kids room rugs in the collection too... eeeek...!

{this was the last post of my Playtime favourites, I could go on actually but I think enough is enough... tomorrow I will do some posts with brands and stands that I loved and still want to show you and voila... got you all crazy about next summer where we acyually wonder when summer for this year will actually start}

Franky grow S/S 2012 {Playtime favourites}

Paris 2011 079
Paris 2011 078Paris 2011 082
Paris 2011 080
Images: Paul & Paula

Franky grow - a label I knew the same but not much more. But now I know that they do some serious cool kids fashion in hot colours... trendy trendy.

Combined with simple pieces this collection is simply magnifique.

{Later today I will give you some images from the Bobo Choses S/S 2012... stunning....that is all I can already tell you...}
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