A big girl's birthday {pictures}

Align Centreromy birthday
Last Saturday we celebrated KleinR's 4th birthday. Her oncle (my brother) and his grilfriend came over and after lots of ideas about what we could and/or want to do we left the decision open.
Amsterdam kept promise to it's weather forecast and it was raining ALL day long, non stop and 12C.
What to do? After checking with the birthday girl we got raincapes, wellies, umbrellas and were off to the Zoo.

romy birthday

romy birthday
On Friday evening my husband was busy making crepes.
Thanks to me and the idea of a colourful tower of crepes instead of a birthday cake!
6 layers of violet, red, orange, yellow, green and blue and around 80 crepes. Yep 80! :)

romy birthday
KleinR loved it! When she saw her "cake" she was really fascinated and the best feature.... of course... the sparkle!

Big balloons. In case you wonder this picture was taken on Sunday morning... the clouds and rain were gone!

romy birthday
And here is Mumba, the baby elephant.
Exactly 1 week old.

There are lots of babies in the Zoo at the moment. We have a baby Gorilla as well, a baby sea lion, baby giraffe, baby peacock and a baby lion.

All together we had a fun day and my daughter is still the happiest when her oncle comes and visits, no big parties needed (that will change soon as we enter school after summer...I know).
We already had a little party on Wednesday, another on Friday and the last tiny one on Sunday... making it last longer... haha

And you know what, the crepes tower was gone by Sunday eve... yep...all eaten :)

{Tomorrow I will show you a little DIY of the favour bags I made for daycare}


Full moon {and very excited kids}

full moon

Today I am asking you to share... share your experience.
Because I would like to know how your kids react to full moon!
Does that sound weird? If yes, then maybe nothing unnormal is going on in your house but I can tell you in mine...haha... full moon = party time.
And I am not exaggerating! Both kids get excited, do not sleep really well (it is OK, but lots of movements) and usually later than normal and are really a bit "different".
I might need to get a moon calendar because very often we wonder what is going on until we realize: it is full moon... and we go like: ah, OK, now we understand! But maybe its better not to know beforehand haha...
Are you kids going a bit crazy as well on these days and what about yourself?
And is there something I could do or try to calm them a bit down, our evenings are really always the same so if there is a little tricky trick... I am all ears :)

A week end in Copenhagen {with kids}

image James Z

It is one of my favourite cities in the world. Why?
There is street life, there are lots of nice bars and cafes, there are playgrounds everywhere and you can cycle. You get nice food, friendly people and lots of water. I like cities with lots of water.
Design shops every 2 meters, Scandinavian design. Summers are bright and people are stylish.
And if you still don't know what to do you go to Tivoli.

We stayed in the new wake up hotel. Hotels in Copenhagen are quite expensive, so do not get shocked when you see the hotel saying "cheap rooms" and check the prices afterwards. It is good situated, clean and they have family rooms. Would just be nice if the staff would smile and answer to remarks/questions :)
We stayed here and here before. Specially the Bertrams is a very pretty place to stay!

Here are a few shops I had on my list and you should pay them a visit too, if you happen to go to Copenhagen:
Liebe, Stilleben, Butik Butik, COS (because there is none in Amsterdam), Mille K and creme de la creme a la Edgar.

What else did we do?
We walked a lot. Just through the streets, down to the Nyhavn, Playhouse... where right next to it, the Opera house installed an open air scene which looks like a beach. Over the day it is actually one big sandpit. Have a look here as I got some pictures of my kids playing.

For diner we went to Wagamama. I know that is not typically Danish nor very "new", but somehow we fancied some yummy noodles and knowing they have high chairs (lots of them), dumplings (kids love them) and a nice kids menu... that was it. And it was not far from the hotel as well. During the day we had lunch at 2 lovely cafes. Fresh crunchy salads and yummy deserts afterwards. Unfortunately I cannot recall their names but the city is full of nice places to have lunch.

On Monday we left a bit earlier than necessary to the airport. Kastrup is definitely one of the most pleasants airports you can get. Airy, light and lots of nice shops :)

{See a few of my Copenhagen photos here}

Have a look at these 2 blogs, writing from Copenhagen!
I'm with Leia and Traveling Mama.


A new blog {my first surprise}

Voila and finally!
I am sure you remember my excitement about my new baby... aka my new camera!
I love it so much I gave it its own space.
.:: Paul & Paula photo ::.
A journal, a way to show my photos and to grow. Learn and develop my skills.
I am happy for you to take a moment and meet me over there as well.
Thank you!

A heart full of buttons {DIY project}

One of the easiest yet prettiest projects I have ever done.
You need:
*a canvas (the size you like most)
*glue (I used super glue)
* buttons... lots of buttons

Draw a heart on your canvas and start filling it with the buttons.
I used white buttons because our bedroom is all white. Of course you can make it in your favourite colour(s) too.
I was surprised how many buttons I used. First all white ones I found in my little button box and then I got more whenever I saw some in a shop. Some in Germany and the last packages I bought during our holidays in Italy. An international heart :)

I hope you like it!

{If you do this with your kids please do not use super glue}

PS: Later today I will reveal my first surprise...


Die Kleinrichtung - Vintage design for kids




I am not a crazy Vintage lover however I like a good mix. A baby cot that was already used by generations, a table my mum learned writing... it definitely brings something special into your house. Like a story.
The German shop Die Kleinrichtung (located in Munich) has a very a large selection of little Vintage furniture as well as home accessories, toys and gift ideas for kids rooms.
Everything is restored and they will even paint your dream object in your colour of choice (with child-friendly paint).
If you do not live in Munich or cannot plan a visit (which I highly recommend because the city is truly beautiful) the website is always updated with the latest pieces and you can contact Nicole and discuss maybe some shipping or other methods to get your desired item to your house.

Kids make music

we make music

Glastonbury is over and I got the spirit, the music spirit. Our house is full of all kinds of instruments for the kids and sometimes we all take one and make (some kind of) music.
KleinA's favourite is the guitar and Xylophone at the moment, KleinR is in charge to give out the instruments and instruct us when to start playing.
Nice family moments!

Do you or your kids play an instrument? I don't, I wish I could...


The last one in June {Friday list}

Colours of Saint Tropez
This makes me sooooooooo happy!
pom pom
Pom Pom for your hair! Neon again.

Something for mama.
boo blanket
Boo cot blanket. My favourite bunny in one of my favourite online shops!

Next high end designer teaming up with H+M: Versace!

dot cardi
The dots. The bow. The cardigan.

And French Monoprix is teaming up with Noro (starting 24.08.) and American Vintage (starting21.09.).

My new friend and me wearing nail polish on my fingers. That did not happen for a century I think. Dior Nirvana.

I ♥ this tee.

I want this cake. Delivered to my door. :)

Tipsy. For me please.

I am over at Sisters Guild and picked some items from their lovely shop. Have a look what it is!

I had a very nice week end last week - meeting with 2 blogger friends here in Amsterdam. One long week end to chat, exchange, laugh, have fun and to find out we are like old friends... it was great and we will meet again. Amber put together a very nice post with some pictures and words that describe it very well. Please have a look.

Did I already tell you that we will go to France end of next week? 1 week in Paris and 1 week with family. This time I could combine it with Playtime Paris and I am so looking forward to it! Meeting more amazing blog friends as well as some lovely people who dress my kids :)
And I want to go and see the Kate Moss exposition.

And tomorrow we will celebrate my daughters 4th birthday.
Little BIG girl. Weather forecast is bad but we have some nice things planned including a fun and very different birthday cake. I will take tons of pictures and share some with you!

German kids room design

I want to share a few hip designs I found whilst surfing. German designs. Even so I do not see myself as a typical German person (more European) I still really like to feature brands and products from the country I was born.

Growing table by pure position.
There are 4 heights you can adjust this table and stool.
The mobile holders for pens, roller marks, and books are simply plugged into the holes on the edge of the table.
The growing table is made in Germany in a workshop for disabled people.
Design:Olaf Schroeder

turn_to_sleep. A cot with rotating bars. The frame is made ​​of solid wood and painted in white. The bars are made from solid maple and some are painted in two colors. You can get a changing table to place on top as well.
Design: Iris Pape

MORGEN KIDS. The perfect combination of form, function and design. From a child's bed you can make a sofa, from a changing table a dresser or CD racks.
Design: Sabine Mühlbauer

Spross. This bed is free of metal and all parts will be assembled without tools.
Design: Christoffer Martens


Small style

Brother and Sister in Copenhagen.

Dress: Stella McCartney
Cardigan: Petit Bateau
Scarf: Benetton and from mummy
Flower pins: COS

Jumper: Petit Bateau
Pants: Gap

She: Pom D'Api

He: Livie+Luca

Tank: Petit Bateau
Shorts: Finger in the nose
Hat: Little Marc Jacobs

Stella McCartney and a pin from COS.

We are back for some Small Style this week. And that XL sandpit is actually an outside summer opera space in Copenhagen.
Linking up with the georgous Mama loves Papa.


mundo melocotón

Link{images by Paul & Paula}
Mundo melocotón is young and new, founded with lots of energy and a lust for creating the best for your infant and toddler.
I received this very beautiful double sided blanket (in red/brown) and a very high quality sheet (in white/red). The blanket is made from velvet and is sooooooooo soft. I love blankets and have a hard time to resist when I see one in a shop (a nice one of course). Lucky me, this one counts for 2. One in brown and one in red. Up to your mood and practical when you take it out and one side gets dirty.
The sheet is just cute. I love the pattern, which is nicely neutral (no boys OR girls thing) and is a nice colourful addition without being to much... to overwhelming...because I like it simple... specially when it comes to bedlinen.

Please find the retailer list here.

City walks with kids: Paris

We will be in Paris soon. Yay. Back to the city I met my husband. The city I lived for a total of 4 1/2 years. The city I can never get enough of.

And one thing to take with us, now travelling with kids, is the super fabulous City walks with kids: Paris book from Chronicle books.
Experience Paris on foot. These adventures are designed especially for grown-ups and kids to discover Paris together! We usually let the kids pick a card (or two) and let us guide. And yes we know the city very well however it is still fun to follow the routes, explore different things and with a total of 50 cards there are plenty to discover.
Big plus: You just have a card or two in your bag, not a whole guide. Saving space for some shopping on the side... :)

Summary: The ultimate accessory for family holidays in Paris. Helping you to navigate the best kid-friendly attractions the city has to offer. Famous parks, landmarks and museums ... picnic or Notre-Dame! And you can also discover the best places to eat, shop, walk, stop, learn and play.

{They do have more cities like New York or San Francisco, Paris is the only European city at the moment}

Interested in Paris? Check out my other posts about the city of love.


Leander stool set

Leander has a new product and I totally love it!

"As children sit on the stools, their weight presses the front edge of the seat down; when they stand up again the seat automatically returns to its original position. The stools’ dynamic function gives children a naturally good sitting position in a young age and the ideal conditions for exploring their creativity"

When not in use, both stools can be pushed under the table so that they do not take up more space than the table itself. The set comes in white, whitewash and walnut.

Leander stool set.

Sevi - 3D puzzle

I found this colourful 3D puzzle when we went to Germany 3 weeks ago.
I just think it is such a great idea. You have a very well made wooden box filled with wooden cars, helicopters and little figures. The bottom of the box looks like a car station. Your child can play with it like a puzzle and sort all pieces in the box correctly (my daughter) or just have fun and play around (both my kids). Honestly...a perfect game for all ages, that you can even take with you on holidays (train, plane, car...)...the reason I actually bought it.
They have these sets in various sizes.
It is from Sevi and they have an online shop here.

All the paints used are non-toxic and resistant!
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