Gwen van den Eijnde

Extravagant creations of the artist Gwen van den Eijnde.
Originally from
Holland, he designed many costumes for theater and opera and now launched a childrens line of animal caps, handmade in high quality fabrics.

Almost magical...!
To order: Send an e mail to Gwen.

A few things {etsy favourites}

Today I will show you latest etsy finds.
I still could spend hours browsing on etsy, seeing all these talented people and their creations.
Here are a few of my current favourites:

Fawn tree wall decall. This looks stunning. {and I love the vintage pram}

World map pillow, perfect for little jet setters.
Atelier Pompadour.

Sofi and the Owl. For a girls room.

Lucky cloud mobile. Love the different fabrics.

Black balloon playsuit. Little people look so cute in these pants.

Love is in the air print, great for brother and sister sharing a room...what do you think?
Rosy Designs.

A line bold colours dress. Summer time.


Rocket & Bear Tutu

Every girl needs a tutu!
And the one she had became a bit small so I had the pleasure to look for a new one.
Etsy made me happy again.
Rocket & Bear is a studio situated in Bath, England.
"Rocket and Bear started as a creative outlet for me soon after my first child 'Bear' was born. Initially I was driven by an overpowering urge to wrap her in all things woolly. The arrival of 'Rocket' a couple of years later gave me a chance to do it all again. Luckily 'Rocket' is a boy so I could experiment with an entirely different palette. As time passed and they grew I started to make other things that I thought they might like and thankfully they do, in spades!
Rocket and Bear has evolved into a collection of things my kids love as well as some of the luscious ingredients such as the Scottish wool I use."

These tutus are marvellous. Really... layers and layers of tule, beautifully made and huge. KleinR truly feels like a princess. I bought the Large size which goes from 4-7 years. The waist is adjustable which means we can enjoy this super pretty tutu for some years to come.
The delivery was very quick and I am very happy... happy to see her eyes sparkle....

You should definitely check out the whole shop, because there are some other faboulos items to be found like this adorable blanket.

{all pictures by Paul & Paula, please contact me if you would like to use them}

What I wore Wednesday {and a new haircut}

What I wore Wednesday again. I collected outfits this time and you know, now where Spring started and we spend a lot of time outside again... so much easier for me to take pictures.
I have lots of outfits from KleinR because I could put her in some clothes I was already daring to see her in and she looks so cool... I think! Via the lovely Pleated Poppy!

New Haircut again! What do you think? Exactly 1 week old and I like it...
Funny that everytime my hair gets a bit shorter lots of women tell me that they could never do it: get short hair.
Why? Hair is growing again and it is not that short... I think :)
I get easily bored as well with wearing the same haircut for a long time and I completely trust my hairdresser because every time I tell him: Your choice, just cut it nicely.

Playground style!
Skirt: Levis
Jeans Jacket: Benetton
Vest: Zara
Scarf: Zara
Leggings: Le Big

Hoodie: Scotch & Soda (it's not mine, I "borrowed" it from hubby)
Scarf: Little shop in Franschhoek, South Africa
Skirt: Sissy Boy
Tights: Falke

Shoes for both of us: All Stars

{You can see my superstylish and hip bag on the upper picture... haha... a Wolfskin backpack}

KleinA on his birthday. First time on a trycicle together with Oma.

Vest: Nui Organics
Trousers: Osh Kosh
Shoes: Menu
Very black on top...

Coat: Zara
Scarf: Benetton
Cardigan: Kookai
Shirt: Gap
Tights: Falke
Shoes: Camper

We have a new addition in our family. The little mole (have a look here if you do not know the character). I found the backpack in a little shop here in Amsterdam and had to buy it.
KleinR loves it and she looks very funny to walk around with a mole on her back.

Dress: RockerBaby Inc.
Jacket: Benetton
Leggings: H+M
Shoes: All Stars
Scarf: Zara
More playground pictures...really enjoying the sun!
Left side:
Cardigan: IKKS
Dress: Bobo Choses
Leggings and socks: H+M
Shoes: missing :)

Right side:
Jacket: Benetton
Trousers: Bobo Choses
Shoes: All Stars
And another question...
What do you think about this flower? This flower in my hair? Is it too big?
Do I look silly?
Let me know... merci...
{I went to the Zoo like this, nobody really looked with big eyes at me...but still...what do you think...}


{Later I have a VERY cute tutu to show you that I bought for KleinR, with lovely pictures... come back please}



A first birthday {pictures}

Hello everyone!
First of all THANK YOU for all the nice Birthday wishes. They made the special day even more awesome.
I told you that we hoped to celebrate in the park. We had beautiful weather the whole week and on Sunday... unfortunately on Saturday morning it was freezing, windy and raining. So we stayed in. We still had tons of fun and I was so proud of my cake.
I am sure you saw lots of beautiful rainbow cakes in the web (here for example) and I decided to try my luck as well.
I made a very simple cake base (flour, eggs, sugar, oil and sparkling water) and added colours. Lots of colours, really...if you want to achieve very bright colours, you will need LOTS of food colouring.
One after one. Baked. Cooled.
Buttercream and layering. Cake, cream, cake, cream.... and cream all around.
And this is how the cake looked like and to my big happiness, people were surprised and LOVED it.
The cups are hand decorated by hubby by the way...

I made another "natural" cake with a silicone train shaped cake mould. (left picture above)
The little cakes or tains were yummy but I had to tell people that it should be a train :)

Here you see our new car collection which exploded during the day...

{I will post what we have KleinA for his birthday soon}

And lots of balloons.
The last pic looks a bit sad isn't... after diner his big sister decided to push her brother around a bit...in his highchair. She placed him here and brought all the balloons.
And he loved his balloons. Daddy organised them when I was out with the kids and when we came home you should have seen his face... his eyes sparkling and so so HAPPY.
So he was sitting there with his balloons, pulling the loops...

Do you have a birthday party coming up soon?
Will you have a themed party?
KleinR's birthday is in June, not that far away....

Discover a new blog today: Freunde von Freunden

Every time I open my reader and see Freunde von Freunden has something new I am happy!
They do such a great mix of everything I like:
People and their story, photography and Berlin.
What is it: FvF i
nterviews creative professionals in their working and living spaces.
You get a picture of their
immediate living environment, whether at home, studio, apartment or in their neighborhood.
A unique and exclusive insight with the professional and amazing photos from Ailine Liefeld!

The interviews are always really interesting... knowing why people live in a certain city, knowing more about professionel choices and life.
You see awesome apartments, get inspiration....

The interviews are mainly in German {you know your friend} but really... check it out.

{stay tuned for some awesome birthday party pictures later today}


Kids Case

Kidscase is another Dutch brand I really have to show you.

Their collections are mostly organic {The Summer 2011 collection is 70% organic, of which 52% will be certified as made under humane working conditions.} with clothes for boys and girls up to nine years.

"The Kidscase style is modern, dynamic and independent with a preference for the “basic plus” look: inventive, simple designs, refined and rich in detail and material and made of soft fabrics of very high quality. Comfortable, wearable, sophisticated, radiating style and cool chic. This results in individualistic collections, influenced and inspired by street- and sportswear just as well as by high fashion."

Founded in 2000 in Amsterdam by Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk and Merel Verbrugge. By now the team consists of six people and collections are represented all over the world. From Amsterdam to London, from Tokyo to New York.

And I love all the stripes and easy comfortable cuts. Soft materials and high quality.

One shop with a very good selection is here or here or here.

Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul

Oh I am just right back into the pillow love.
Thomas Paul!
When I saw that puppy pillow I was sold... I love the antique style.
And affordable prices... really nothing wrong to accessorise the kids room a bit and give it a new feeling.
Thomas Paul was born in New York City and graduated with a degree in textile design.
The pillow collection was launched in 2001. Until then he worked for different designers as
a colorist and designer for a silk mill.
The pillow collection was originally an idea of utilizing the silk printing mill's capabilities for home accessories.
Since then the line has steadily expanded into other categories including tabletop, stationery, and lamp shades.

His collection is to be found here.

{As soon as possible I will upload the birthday pictures and show them to you, we all had a great day and lots of fun}


The {BIG DAY} and a Friday list

I love these plates.

MOKS. Cool baby and kids leather shoes.

Sandwich stamps.
Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks.

And Plan Toys has a new one: Build a Robot.

I always go back to this shop and look around, afterwards I want to bake lots of cakes...pretty cakes!

French ABC.

Do not use plastic bags.

Yes please. Paris.

Lego Man Cookies.

Beautiful tree houses.

Yes... 1 year today.
This morning we will join our usual music class, the last one of this course.
I made a nice cake we want to share with the other kids and parents.

Afterwards we will cycle to Vapiano and all have a yummy pizza (or Carpaccio for me). We will rent bikes for Oma and oncle, it is always a little work out break when they come to visit us.
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