A week end in Copenhagen {with kids}

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It is one of my favourite cities in the world. Why?
There is street life, there are lots of nice bars and cafes, there are playgrounds everywhere and you can cycle. You get nice food, friendly people and lots of water. I like cities with lots of water.
Design shops every 2 meters, Scandinavian design. Summers are bright and people are stylish.
And if you still don't know what to do you go to Tivoli.

We stayed in the new wake up hotel. Hotels in Copenhagen are quite expensive, so do not get shocked when you see the hotel saying "cheap rooms" and check the prices afterwards. It is good situated, clean and they have family rooms. Would just be nice if the staff would smile and answer to remarks/questions :)
We stayed here and here before. Specially the Bertrams is a very pretty place to stay!

Here are a few shops I had on my list and you should pay them a visit too, if you happen to go to Copenhagen:
Liebe, Stilleben, Butik Butik, COS (because there is none in Amsterdam), Mille K and creme de la creme a la Edgar.

What else did we do?
We walked a lot. Just through the streets, down to the Nyhavn, Playhouse... where right next to it, the Opera house installed an open air scene which looks like a beach. Over the day it is actually one big sandpit. Have a look here as I got some pictures of my kids playing.

For diner we went to Wagamama. I know that is not typically Danish nor very "new", but somehow we fancied some yummy noodles and knowing they have high chairs (lots of them), dumplings (kids love them) and a nice kids menu... that was it. And it was not far from the hotel as well. During the day we had lunch at 2 lovely cafes. Fresh crunchy salads and yummy deserts afterwards. Unfortunately I cannot recall their names but the city is full of nice places to have lunch.

On Monday we left a bit earlier than necessary to the airport. Kastrup is definitely one of the most pleasants airports you can get. Airy, light and lots of nice shops :)

{See a few of my Copenhagen photos here}

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