Wow, this design from MUJI is one of the most original that I have seen in a long time.
The basic kit comes with a bunch of bricks, and some material hardly ever used with Lego: paper.
Paper with some punch out holes as well as a hole puncher. The idea is that you take pieces of paper and stick them in between bricks for some unique creations… see the alligator on the last pic for example.

There are 4 sets in the LEGO MUJI series, each with more than 100 LEGO bricks and an assortment of paper
The sets all have different themes, and include LEGO bricks, paper and inspirational materials. The themes are sea, animals, circus and transparent bricks and paper for a more open-ended concept.
In addition, you can buy a LEGO puncher and five different paper packages will also be available.

Takahashi Okutani, MUJI

“LEGO bricks are not just a toy, but a system that inspires children’s creativity. MUJI also seeks to inspire creativity with products that appeal to a simple and reflective lifestyle. As both brands are based on strong values, we have worked together to create a new concept that can be of great value to children.”

Paal Smith-Meyer, LEGO

“The LEGO system offers endless creative possibilities to build structurally, and so does paper with its many colors, patterns and textures suitable for folding, drawing and cutting. Combining these two creative tools with a LEGO system paper puncher, we will open up a new creative dimension for kids and their parents to explore and express themselves through.”

The sets are available in Japan and the US but coming to Europe this summer. Keep your eyes open, I will definetely get a box…

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