The secret of the blue box

As promised I will tell you what I received in my blue box. You remember the little blue box from Iittala I got for Christmas. And there was something else inside...?

What was it... haha... another box, actually another blue box.

And I have to tell you the little story that goes with it. Because the truth is, I got my ring already before.
Where to start... You maybe remember that we planned to go on holidays over Christmas, New Year and my birthday. And the man who I always call my husband is actually not my husband because we are not married... it just sounds so weird to say boyfriend if you have 2 kids together and know each other for nearly 12 years. So... he wanted to get me a nice ring and plan something special for my birthday ... in Italy.
.:: If the size of the ring is not available it can take up to 8 weeks to order the good size. So hubby went to the store already in October. Together with KleinR. I did not know where they went to so I suggested to take KleinR with him and I could check for some Xmas presents for her.
Haha. We all met again for a nice afternoon tea. Still not knowing where they had been.
KleinR sees me and the first thing she does is holding up her hand and showing her ringfinger. Honestly! This was sooooooooo funny! She promised daddy not to say anything and she hold on to it... she did not say anything...just showed...!
{And apparently she had a very good time at Tiffany's, they served some nice cookies and tea...}
And yes after that the talk started and you know... I am terrible, terribly curious and I did not stop teasing hubby and asking questions and and and...
and at the end of the day... I got my ring! :)

That one!
So the blue box was actually the real surprise. Shame on me.
We just have a little problem, because (as you see on the right pic) my finger reacts to the ring. I have a very similar ring from the same shop, without the stones and it did the same.
I am sad because I cannot wear my ring every day.
You cannot have an allergic reation to silver so it is not that.
Do you have an idea what it could be? What can I do?

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