The Homies 2011

Dear Readers!
Thank you very very much. When I switched on my computer yesterday morning I found out that Paul & Paula made it into the Top Ten Kids Design blogs.
Wow. This is because of you! You nominated this blog...
It really means a lot to me, it shows me that my long evenings, sometimes very short nights, all research, editing, writing, posting and and and is in good hands.
It is so nice to have fans, and I do not mean it in a rock star kind of way... no, it is fabulous to know there are people "out there" reading you every day... looking forward to your posts...
It is special!
I am honoured to be part of the finalists and the only thing I ask for... not being the last one... so any place from 1-9 makes me happy :)
Please vote for Paul & Paula here! (Click on vote below.) Make sure to log in or register first, in that case you will have to confirm your registration via a link send to you by e mail.

May I again?

{Image found on flickr}

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