I believe in...

I do. Love is everything I need.
Nothing else makes me wake up with a smile, nothing else makes me so strong and nothing else supports me that much.
My kids showed me how much love is possible, I would never have imagined.
I feel safe.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a 2011 with lots of LOVE.

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The after guide - me

The last After Guide!

.:: These candle holders are from menu and you can change the inside as you please. I like them because they are very simple and it is up to you to change them into something more colourful or... like me sometimes... just water looks chic too!
.:: Iittala is one of my favourite brands for home and kitchen. And these cute little glass boxes in the known Iittala colours... LOVE! I might buy a new desk, I already have something to place on it!
.:: After the ring, another little item from Anne Black.
.:: In case you were wondering what this is, a knife sharpener. I got this from my brother who is a chef because this summer I told him to bring his own every time he visits us and do our knives. Clever!
.:: I am not a RS Fan, not at all actually but this book received lots of positive press and I like to read (auto) biographies. Did you read it?

{ in that blue little box was actually another little item... which deserves its very own post and story telling }

What did you get? Did you share your wishes before? Any big surprises...?
I am curious! (you might have noticed that already)


The after guide - toddler girl

Today I will show you what KleinR got:

.:: She got this supercool wooden coffee maker. She always helped her dad to prepare his coffee in the mornings and can now show her skills to her little family of bears and dolls.
.:: It is a gift I could add to my list as well, this beautiful Mama+ Me Necklace set. Oh what cute, we will be so pretty running around on the playground...
.:: And she got her very own camera. Oh bliss. She is sooooooooooo happy. She carries it everywhere. This camera is such a great gift. Perfect for little hands with lots of little games and applications. She can also take videos or just sounds. The camera comes in pink or blue but we were lucky and found this limited "summer" edition. Apparently with the other cameras you can play MP3 as well. Not a big deal for us, because we want to take pictures.
.:: The binoculars she already got for Sinterklaas. Since then we had a few playdates here and everybody (specially the boys I have to say) goes like...."ooooooooooooh cooooooool"...
.:: I really do not want my house full of huge toys that are only played with a couple of rare times. Like a play kitchen. So I was very pleased when I found this cool cardboard cooker from kidsonroof.
.:: We have a doctor in our house now. So handy. A very clever doctor as well. Placing band aids everywhere and when you come for your appointment and explain what you have and show where it hurts, the doctor tells you: "Nicht so schlimm!" which means... "nothing serious".

KleinR's self chosen Xmas outfit was all about dots...

After this week end I have the impression our house is one big playground. Unbelievable. Toys everywhere.

{Come tomorrow to see what I got}


The after guide - my husband

.:: My very supportive, cute and smart love of nearly 12 years .... is a huge Paul Smith fan!
To continue his collection I got him this cool wash bag. He loves it and makes his business trips a bit more pleasant.
.:: I admired the collection of Palomas Nest for a while, was looking for a good reason to get one of the tiny bowls. I adore that one and thought he could place it on his desk, putting little things in it and get a smile on his lips... from time to time... when he sees it...
{Do you think it is too feminine?}
And guess what... it is standing on his desk now...
.:: As well for work, I got him this thermos mug from bodum. Be careful it is not spill-proof so no travelling. But keeping his coffee hot makes him very happy. And apparently HOT for very long time. I like the look a lot, very stylish.
.:: And he is walking on Collegien as well now... with these supersoft and warm cashmere slippers.
He thinks they are very cool, comfortable and warm.

Happy husband!
What did you get for your husband or boyfriend?

{Come and see tomorrow what our daughter got}


The after guide - baby boy

Hello my dear friends!
How are you? I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas week end with good food, some bubbles, lovely gifts, snow and were surrounded by the people you love.
As we normally planned some holidays but changed (better: had to change) plans last minute we had such a relaxing time.
Nothing planned, just lots of time and cooking. It was fantastic.
We normally always travel when we have a couple of days off, with both families living abroad I guess it is normal. Even 2011 is mostly already planned in regards to holidays. Just need to get the tickets.
Anyhow, everybody enjoyed to just let the days bring us some ideas...
We had some lovely and snowy walks, lots of tea and very nice food.
As I love to cook and to try new things I do the same for Christmas, no set menu... maybe in a couple of years...
I made a HUGE Tiramisu (a recipe I use now for 12 years and it is unbeatable GOOD) and tried a Chocolate Ice Souffle. It was amazing, so good... KleinR got big eyes when she tried it.

And I told you that I will do some After Gift Guides. Showing you some presents everybody got.
You can take some inspiration for upcoming birthdays, little treats or just keep the ideas for next year...
I will start with KleinA.
The baby boy After Gift Guide:

.:: I finally got the cool triangle set from Rubbabu. Fantastic and there are so many different ways your child can put these triangles together. KleinA just tried first if they are OK to chew on. (they are)
.:: And the cool hammer set from Plan Toys is amazing. The wood is so well worked, it is just supersoft. I showed how it works to KleinA and he imitated me straight away. He has 2 bruises on his head now...oups.... and the big sister likes to "borrow" his new game as well.
.:: See the red cars... brum brum.... yay... the ambulance from Rubbabu is just great, as everything from this brand. And the fire truck from Brio has a little bell, very fascinating for my baby.
.:: I love April Showers and was so happy to get this beautiful sleeping bag for him. Adorable and perfect for the cold winter nights we experience at the moment.

Wishing you a happy week down to New Year.
Come and see tomorrow what I got for my husband.


{Merry Christmas} and a peek of our Christmas decoration

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for still reading my blog today... between cooking, baking, waiting, unpacking... and singing.

Last year we had an Advent calendar with 24 tiny books. Everyone with a cute little Christmas story. I now use them to decorate our tree.
I love these paper stars, I cannot imagine Christmas without at least one, in fact we have 3 hanging around. In the back you can see one of the cupcake liner garlands and our masking tape tree.
By the way: No photo of our real tree, well... my French husband bought one and when we were unwrapping the tree I was wondering... and I asked: "Was the tree wrapped when you bought it?"...you know the answer :)....
Christmas lesson 2010: First choose your tree and then get it wrapped!
But it looks funny, I call it the The Leaning Tree of Pisa.

These are a few projects I did with KleinR during December. The white paper garland is very easy to make: Cut (white) paper into stripes. I used very normal copy paper. Red yarn and swe them together with your sewing machine. Quick and nice. Cut different shapes and/ or use different colours... all up to your taste.

"Christmas balls: As far back as three hundred years ago, glass balls were already used as Christmas decorations. Today, the big, shiny balls of thin plastic or glass are used. They were originally invented in Germany."

I have to admit that I find it a bit difficult to show you pretty pictures at the moment.
We are in Amsterdam. The light is not very good and we are not living in one of these superdesign houses with crisp white walls, glass ceilings and too much space. I try my best!

Thank you ALL for reading my little blog, all your comments and support throughout the last months. Have a happy and warm Christmas, relaxing break and celebration to bring in the new year.
I will be back next week with some after gift guides to show you what everybody of the Paul & Paula family got.
Love. Hugs. Kisses.


Big holidays DIY inspiration post

Yes... maybe you prefer the quiet and relaxing version of Christmas and like to sit together and make something nice.
It is a good moment to take time and make something together as a family. Crafting is fun.
A pot of tea, some cookies and these amazing tutorials will help:

Found on bloesem kids.
The original post was in regards to the Cherry blossom season in Japan. I think it is perfect all year round. Make some red and white flowers and Merry Christmas!

The best way to recycle the Christmas wrapping paper and boxes the gifts came in.
Make your own crayon jar or craft organizer!

Found on once wed.
Ok, it is Christmas but I am sure you have some string lights lying around NOW.
Make this cool garland, hang it inside now and outside when Spring arrives.

Found on Martha Stewart.
All you need: waxed crayons and paper, scissors, some yarn to hang and an iron. Lets get started.

Found on Designmom.
Here made as a gift, cute for your own shelf as well. Photo Snowglobes.
I love snowglobes!

Found on kerli.
Last but not least. Paper snowflakes, see here how to make them first class.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, so quick.
I will give you a little glimpse of the Paul & Paula house during Christmas days.
I hope you enjoyed these wonderful DIY ideas and let me know when you tried them.


Jen Talbot

I was reading one of my favourite blogs last week, fine little day.
Elisabeth posted about Jen Talbot and I was instantly blown away by the pictures!
This woman is A M A Z I N G!
Look at these stunning kids rooms she created... I especially love the bird frame.

See all her projects here and have a look on her blog as well.


One of a kind felt items made by Marlous!
Planet Fur is a georgous etsy shop with supercute little and big mounted deer heads.
The one you see on top is a big version with a music box in the, well.... head...
How lovely in a nursery.
I especially love the cute stitched heart!
The bunnies are made of old woollen blankets.

Please visit Marlous' blog as well, full of inspiration!


Zara Home Kids - Liberty Fabrics

Oh this is so darling...
And yes I am aware that we have to wait a bit unless we want to dress the kids in these cuties at home and pull the heating to a max...
Oh my... I love this new Liberty print collection from Zara Home Kids!
You can order online as well!

papier mache No5- is out

The new issue of papier mache is out!
An assume collection of photos with the newest and coolest trends in kids fashion land...


White Amsterdam

I asked for snow and this is what we got... isn't beautiful!

Winter is here!


Some might remember this supercute baby cocoon sleeping bag from another collage I had on my blog.
I am still in love and really, if you need a good reason for a winter baby... here it is.
{Amanda from coos and ahhs loves them too}
As my wish was answered and Amsterdam is covered in snow I wanted to give you some serious winter outfit inspiration... and if you come back in the afternoon... you can see some beautiful pictures I took last Friday.
White Amsterdam!

How was your week end? Chilly I guess...
We had a nice walk, not very long... but I enjoy air, specially after it snowed... crisp, clean and this little special smell!
Tell me, did you maybe built an igloo?

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