Friday list!

One of the coolest books shelves I have ever seen... now I just need a bigger place and a bigger bank account...

This is a nap mat but I think it makes a really hip play rug too... specially when out and about!

Next wednesday (03.11.) the Stella McCartney kids line will be out... I cannot wait to see it! Prices start at a reasonable 15Euros.

LaChicha has 2 new cool Mei Tais in her collection, order within the next 2 weeks and mention Paul & Paula on check out and you will receive a surprise!

Did you already asked me anything?

I want one of those, very badly... which colour would you pick?

Are you looking for some new fonts, for your blog maybe... have a look over here.

Elephants are always good and if your child does not finish his plate... I am sure this cutie does.

Imagine your little one in this adorable coat? oooooooohhhh....
Love the colour!

Happy week end everyone, I included more pictures in my friday list... I think it looks more interesting... do you like it better?

Win! Super cute skirt from Line & Liv

We have a fantastic giveaway this week from Line+Liv.
It is an adorable (totally want this in my size!) skirt by cotton and milk, handmade from soft vintage fabrics worth 68Eur.
Available in sizes 2 Y, 4 Y or 6 Y.

Your comment should include:
* The size you would like to have.
* Telling me what you love about Line+Liv. Go and see the blog as well, I am in love with Wiebkes photography skills.
* Follow Paul & Paula on Twitter or via blogger, be my friend on facebook or subscribe to my newsletter... chose one (or more) option and let me know your choice.

The give away is open until Friday 5th of November (did I tell you that 5 is my lucky number?) and the winner will be chosen using Random.org.
Please make sure to leave your email address so I am able to contact you...
Good luck everybody!


Discover a new blog today: Hello Naomi

Hello Naomi!
Whenever I am in need to change my mind, to see something beautiful and inspiring... I go and visit Hello Naomi.
I could get everything straight from the screen into my (sweet toothed) mouth and I always start to plan the next kids birthday (March 2011)...
Everything is so precious!
Every detail is perfectly in place and the photos just do justice...
Please go and have a look, I cannot imagine somebody coming back and not being impressed... truly impossible!

I just have not decided yet if it is a good thing that Naomi creates her little wonders in far away Australia... hmmmmmm...!

Mr Moustache

I was the lucky winner of this cool mobile, called Mr. Moustache.
I won it on the blog from ShakShuka.
The moment I received it I was already in LOVE.
It came in a beautiful sealed box and instead of hanging it in the kids room (my plan) I hung it up in our living room... and it is still there!
Because we all like it, funny shadows on the wall, daddy who plays "Mr. Moustache" and just a fun cool new item.
On top of everything, the mobile is Made in Berlin by jaell & tofta. A designer duo who created this hip bed and this design cradle below. A lable to watch I would say!


Mie Paris

And as we had a little look into Paris this morning I thought I will show you a new french kids label.
Mie Paris is all about the vintage look...
The 60`s when socks were pulled up and the shoes were shiny!
Lovely skirts or cool pants "a carreaux"....
I love it, not every day but once in a while I like my kids in a complete chic french look!

Your question answered!

Question:Hi there, We met at BYW and I love your blog!! Am going to Paris in Dec with family and want to know your fave little shops,restaurants,kid activities (6 and 10yr),craft shop fabric shopping suggestions.. best, Suzanne !

My dear Suzanne, thank you for your question!
Finally I have the answer together...
Paris is big and Paris needs a lot of time to be discovered. I guess you have a guide (or two) and I do not need to mention the Eiffel Tower and Co.
As you go in December I want to start with museums that I think are good with kids.

Musee d`Orsay
An old train station, super beautiful, very interesting and stunning views over Paris.

Cite des Sciences et de l`Industrie de la Villette
Huge centre with various science museums. You will find a real submarine, a flight simulator and other cool things you always wanted to try out.

1. Get the tickets from the net before (saves money and lot of waiting time). Kids are free until 18 years.
2. Do not enter via the pyramide ( I know it is beautiful, take the pictures before or after) but via metro (Stop: Musee de Louvre) and you have a direct entrance from the station.

Go to the Marais and look out for: Cos, Zadig & Voltaire, Sandro, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Satellite and Antik Batik, these are for you

For the kids: Bonpoint ( I always go to the one on 6 Rue Tournon, no tourists here), Alice a Paris, Le marchand d`etoiles and Lillibulle.

For all kind of craft supplies: La Droguerie!

Best fabric market is Marche Saint Pierre, it is just next to Sacre Coeur, so you send the rest of your family to do some sightseeing already and have a good look here!

Le Marche des enfants rouges... is TOP TOP TOP! Even so I have never been there in winter... I am sure it is just as good! You have lots of food stalls with unbelievable good food. Italien, marrocan, lebanese... little plates here and there and everything tastes devine!
In summer you sit outside on long tables.

Linas, long time I have not stopped there but I was addicted when still living in Paris. Yummy sandwiches and pastries.
Pain Quotidien, international now but still: just good!
Coffee Parisien: another place we visited a lot when we still lived in Paris, their burgers are very good!

Crepe: please do not stop at one of the tourist attractions and go for a crepe at a stall: they are NEVER fresh!
Better have a nice diner in a creperie, with some cider on the side Creperie des Arts is one of my favourites. And the area is lovely to have a walk afterwards...

Petit Pan has some nice vintage furniture and fabrics!

You HAVE to go to Le Bonbon au palais! Such a sweet (sure it is) and cute shop...

Going to the opera with kids might not be on your list BUT you can visit this beautiful place during the day and I highly recommend it! And I can imagine that a 6 and a 10 years old will find it very interesting to go behind the scenes.

Please check out my previous posts about Paris here, you can find more information for your trip!

I have 2 sites for you, you might want to check out and get some good info as well:
All kind of kids events, here.
David Leibovitz writes about Paris, I think you will find some good stuff as well... I link you directly to some activities with kids.

The Papercut Map of Paris, pictured above, is from Famille Summerbelle and you can get it here!

Suzanne, more questions? Let me know...


Noé & Zoë

Berlin seems to be a place to discover... and no end to see!
Today I present you Noé & Zoë, a new hip label from my beloved home town!
Noé & Zoë are Nadine and Nici, 2 ladies who have been around the world and settled in Berlin to create a fresh kids label.
" Our inspiration is endless and imagination has no limits! Every design is approved by our children before it ends up in our shop."

You can find discovery blankets with removable stick on toys, lots of cool cuddly toys (my fave is the mama whale) as well as useful bibs and blankets.
Have a look and if you like something get a 10% discount with this code: XMAS10.
Valid from 01.11. until Christmas!

Craft project : paper flowers

After this post and another rainy windy day I thought: We can do some pretty paper flowers ourselves. It is easy. I took out some strong white paper, scissors and paint.
My favourite paint, especially for the colours are the Gouache paint bottles from Djeco.
Cutting circles, brush in your hands... and paint!

When you have enough flowers, you take some wire and sticky tape. See the picture on the right. Just fix the wire on the back of the flower with the tape. We went for different stem lenghts to have a nice "bouquet".

It is so easy and I think it is really cute, the flowers are still standing in our living room and KleinR is very proud!


It is Friday already...

Unbelievable, how quick this week went... Friday already!
Can I please get some hours per day extra?

So what did I see this week I have to show you as well?
See this two ubercool kids rooms above?
On the left the room with the giant spinning ferris wheel toy storage unit, I found it on Design*Sponge!
Can you imagine, growing up with such a cool room?
On the right the room with these super pretty wall decalls... I saw it on Bloesemkids!
So nice!

How about a spaceship, taking us for a tour?

Such a delicate print! Lovely for every girls room...

Bath toys... always getting dirty with mildew. This article tells you how to get them clean again.

And of course, at least one pillow per list... don`t you like apples as well?

For mama some delicious organic french perfume! Love the packaging!

Did you pay a visit to BellaJeans etsy shop? All these cute accessories!

A nice and happy week end to everyone, see you back on Monday... xoxo

Pilli Pilli

I found this wonderful etsy shop called pilli pilli when browsing and thought instantly:
What a great "new baby" gift idea...!
Different, beautiful, personal and just adorable! No kitsch but some nice art! I really love it!
And the hoops with the little garlands are fantastic birthday ideas... I am thinking of a very special first birthday, what a nice souvenir...

Let me tell you a little bit about Katrien, the fresh and warm lady behind pilli pilli.
{By the way... 'pilli pilli' is the name of an african chillipepper...}
Katrien, a Belgian girl living in Italy. In fall 2008 Katrien decided to work part-time and started to create small softies out of recycled wool sweaters...
One year later she moved to Italy to change a long distnace relationship to a very close one and found a nice part-time job in a local museum.
No more travelling to do, lots of time for crafting! Lucky us!
Katrien writes a blog as well... have a look...


Interview with Mandy from Belle and Boo

Being a big fan of Belle and Boo, I am very happy to share an interview I had with Mandy.
Mandy set up Belle and Boo in June 2007 (same month my daughter was born) in a tiny one bedroom flat in London (same city - not place - my daughter was born). In 2008 her good friend Kate joined her to do the business part of the ever growing company.
In case you do not know Belle and Boo yet, see their website including shop and/or check their etsy shop as well.
Be careful... everything is so cute and charming you cannot resist... I bet!

A little intro please !
Hello my name is Mandy.I run a business called Belle and Boo with my friend Kate. I think the best way to describe it is a children's lifestyle brand, we sell art prints, clothes, cushions, stationery etc featuring my illustrations of children.

Who inspired you to do what you do? Maybe somebody from your family?
Probably my dad. He is a brilliant technical drawer and always helped me with my art projects at school. Once he came in and helped my primary school class all make elephant masks, they were really amazing I remember feeling very proud.

What is the biggest challenge in your profession ?
Finding time to do new art work & art work that I want to do specifically, the busier and more successful the business becomes the more other non creative work is generated. I do have a team of people to help with this but your opinion, input is still needed, I find myself at a lot of meetings!

What influences your work?
Life, I see children doing sweet stuff all the time, from stories my friends tell me about their kids, from my favourite books, the internet and day dreaming.

And what are your current inspirations?
I love finding new illustrators, that are actually old illustrators if you know what I mean, vintage illustration is my biggest influence & I love discovering a new artist.

You write a blog as well, how does it support your business?
I think/hope it shows a little about my personality, I try to keep it very upbeat and positive, but I assure you I have bad, boring days like everyone else. It promotes new products and lets people know about events Belle & Boo will be attending. It also keeps me in touch with like minded people.

Where would you like to live?
Anywhere I am up for offers!

What are the future plans for Belle & Boo, I know you started with some cute dresses and there is more coming for this Autumn/ Winter season… what else would you like to realize?
Our next big project is a Belle & Boo story book, well actually a series of them and then if they are successful, Belle & Boo animations.

Do you remember your first sale? What was it and how was the feedback?
My first sale was about 10 mins after I uploaded my first picture onto Etsy, I thought I had done something wrong (computers not being my strong point at the time) and was so excited when I realised it had disappeared from the shop because it had been bought. The feedback was great and the customer still shops with Belle and Boo to this day 4 years on.

Which trend annoys you?
I am not a big fan of personalisation.

Thank you so much Mandy, a big honour to have you on my little blog and share your words with my readers!


Paul and Paula at home

After all the positive feedback on my little "home story" a while ago,
I will show you some other corners of my house today.

I love to cook, I might have mentioned that before... and I have a hard time to pass cooking utensil shops or fancy new products in the supermarket. I just always have to try it out!
So you see we have 4 different kinds of salt, some normal cooking salt, a salt mill for salads and Co, sal de Ibiza specially because of the turquoise pot and some fancy pink Himalaya salt just to try out...
Can you beat our collection?

And, of course, my cooking books collection!
Top 3:
1. Nigella Express, I posted about this book already here
2. Gordon Ramsay makes it easy, yes I like Gordon, no Jamie for me...
3. Ottolenghi, just delicious and different

Just a little peek ... when I was running around with my camera I just thought that the colours looked so nice...

This is a traditional dutch tulip vase! A very simple version of it, which for my taste is perfect but you can find them in all imaginable colours, sizes and designs. Have a look here to see what I mean...
Every Saturday I buy a big bunch of fresh flowers at my local flower stall.
I am so happy to live in Amsterdam, I can buy lots of beautiful flowers for very reasonable prices and excellent quality.

So that was it for today... I hope you liked it!


Welcome to my new sponsor: BellaJean

I am very happy to introduce my new sponsor BellaJean.
I love these cute hais accessories with the little vintage feel and I already posted about the hair pins I got for KleinR here.
Dani, the lovely lady behind BellaJean, lives in South Central Kansas with a family of 9 dogs, 10 cats and 8 rabbits. (dumped near her home and rescued) Oh and 3 boys....

"I have always loved color. The brighter the better it seems. This love led me into photography when I was a child and eventually developed into a passion for colorful fabrics as an adult. I have found that I love to create fun hair adornments and jewelry with fabric.
I have had the privilege of working with customers from all over the world and it is very exciting to know that my creations are being worn by so many different people!"

Welcome Dani!
Please visit her etsy shop and see more of her adorable work.
I am in love with this set!

Collegien - the best slippers ever...

We found our first pair of Collegien when shopping at Petit Bateau. 2 years ago.
It must have been a collaboration and they put the typical millerailles on these supercomfortable slippers. We bought them for KleinR to wear in the daycare during winter.
Back then I thought it was Petit Bateau who created them until I found the slippers in a different shop in lots of cool designs.
Oh my... since then I cannot decide which design I like the most!
Why do I say these slippers are the best?
Lets see:
Slippers in knitted material which makes them supersoft.
An absolute non-slippery sole which is aereted as well (see the picture below).
Machine washable at 40°.
100% Made in France.
All these hip designs, absolute wonderful.
They do them kneehigh now as well... give you an even cooler look at home. (haha)

They come in adult sizes as well and I guess I will get a pair for myself this year. Can you help me to decide for a design? Which one you think would suit me best? I am all ears...

Shop here!


We love Berlin!

The best t-shirt ever... of course!
Show your love for Berlin with this cool tee...
100% organic cotton
one euro of the proceeds will be donated to the childrens’ outpatient hospice „berliner herz“
Available in kids sizes as well and to shop from here!

All about rain...

All about rain...
Hello everybody! How was your week end?
Welcome back with some rain... does not sound very inspiring but this time I found these cool cloud mobiles on Sweet William!
And I like rain, the smell and the drops on our windows. Our bedroom is just under the roof... we can watch stars, listen to the rain and enjoy lots of light during day time.
And there are so many cute wellies and raincoats available... a pitty to not to show them off...

May I just say again that I am really overwhelmed with the 80 LIKES for Paul & Paula on babble? Wow! A stunning No7 for a very young blog...
Thank you so much everybody...


Friday Friday Friday list.... it was a great week!

These cool paper flowers are from ShakShuka and can be used in so many different ways. I think they are perfect to keep fresh colours over winter.
Together with this print, you are on the sunny side...!

Have you seen Paul & Paula was featured on Oh les girls...? Not yet? Have a look...

Make cookies in moomin shape.

Did you visit Flo and her beautiful blog papier ciseaux cailloux? She made my supercool new header...

Still clicking for Paul & Paula on babble? We are listed for Best Mom Design blog...

Something for yourself? Get this adorable tee.

I love this little girls dress, it is on the list for next summer!

What are your plans?
I think we will see tonight what we would like to do... very often we like to NOT to have plans so we do not have to follow the clock. Some years ago week ends were always full with all sorts of things and in the end the relaxing part was kind of non existing...

Happy week end everybody and I see you on Monday!

Are you curious?

... something!
I opened an account on Formspring and now you can ask me everything you want, everything you want to know!
The most interesting or common questions will get their own post here so everybody can profit...
Do not forget to leave your name and I can link back to you if I use your question for a post!

And now... come on over and ask...
{ You can use the the little box on the left to ask questions as well... I made it easy for you! }


Our band aid collection...

After I told you about my band aid obsessed daughter (here), I thought I will show you our collection.
Wherever I see band aids I buy them, thats why we have so many different ones by now... and, of course, we just stocked up in Germany as well...
Any favourites?
Mine is the animal shaped version...

See you tomorrow with a new Friday list!

Marimekko kids

It is actually surprising that I have not written about my love for Marimekko yet!
The company from Finland (a little HELLO here to my finish readers) with all these beautiful and enchanting patterns...
At the moment I am particularly in love with this pillow (oh my, pillows again... I am sorry, hope you are not getting annoyed) and the bed linen.
The pillow is just such an eyecatcher and wanders from room to room.
And it keeps KleinA busy, just looking at it, when I dress his big sister...



Hi everybody...

Today is Wednesday. We just came back from Germany yesterday.
We visited granny as well as my own granny. (so my mum and my granny just in case you are wondering what I am talking about)
My husband left this morning for a business trip until Thursday evening.
My inbox tells me I have to answer a couple (actually a lot) of e mails... and I am happy to do so because I am busy with some projects as well as some big news from friends.
(more babies coming...yay!)
I am not sure how it is for you but whenever I am away... holidays, long week ends, I feel like I abandon my blog... do you feel the same?
I try to update myself regularly but of course it is not the same as sitting at my desk and using my own computer with tweetdeck, favourites etc...
So no real post today, I did not want to write a "unuseful post" (do you say it like this... well I guess you know what I mean...)
But but but... did you see my new header?
Sure you did... hahaha...
Finally I am really happy with it, I love it...
And you? What do you think?
Tell me...
It is designed by a very talented lady who writes her own beautiful blog. Her name is Flo.
Her blog is in french... but it does not matter, just looking and browsing... beautiful work!
I love it... Flo normally does not design for blogs or anything "close" but was so cute and lovely to help me out! Thank you Flo, I am so happy that I found you in this big blog world...
Please go and visit her blog papier, ciseaux, cailloux! (paper, scissor, rock)

And tomorrow, promise, I am back with something new and fresh!


PS: The picture was taken while sitting on a bench in the zoo somewhere and nowhere in Germany last week end!
PSS: what about an USELESS post... sounds better don`t you think....


BY FRYD e magazine

It seems to be a new trend... e magazines!
I am reading LMNOP, papier mache, small magazine and sweet Paul.
And as of last week By Fryd.
By Fryd is a lifestyle magazine created by Jeanette Lunde.
It is a visual treat of home inspiration, recipes and simple DIYs.
Stunning pictures like the ones above... every single one makes me feel so happy. Fantastic colours and inspiration in every corner!
Go and have a look, download and tell everybody about it...

The magazine is published via issuu, maybe something one of you would like to try out... your own magazine, sounds very tempting... isn`t?

And which e magazines do you read?
Please recommend here in the comments section and share your favourite e magazines... Thank you!
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