Big holidays DIY inspiration post

Yes… maybe you prefer the quiet and relaxing version of Christmas and like to sit together and make something nice.
It is a good moment to take time and make something together as a family. Crafting is fun.
A pot of tea, some cookies and these amazing tutorials will help:

Found on bloesem kids.
The original post was in regards to the Cherry blossom season in Japan. I think it is perfect all year round. Make some red and white flowers and Merry Christmas!

The best way to recycle the Christmas wrapping paper and boxes the gifts came in.
Make your own crayon jar or craft organizer!

Found on once wed.
Ok, it is Christmas but I am sure you have some string lights lying around NOW.
Make this cool garland, hang it inside now and outside when Spring arrives.

Found on Martha Stewart.
All you need: waxed crayons and paper, scissors, some yarn to hang and an iron. Lets get started.

Found on Designmom.

Here made as a gift, cute for your own shelf as well. Photo Snowglobes.
I love snowglobes!

Found on kerli.

Last but not least. Paper snowflakes, see here how to make them first class.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, so quick.
I will give you a little glimpse of the Paul & Paula house during Christmas days.
I hope you enjoyed these wonderful DIY ideas and let me know when you tried them.



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