Friday list!

One of the coolest books shelves I have ever seen... now I just need a bigger place and a bigger bank account...

This is a nap mat but I think it makes a really hip play rug too... specially when out and about!

Next wednesday (03.11.) the Stella McCartney kids line will be out... I cannot wait to see it! Prices start at a reasonable 15Euros.

LaChicha has 2 new cool Mei Tais in her collection, order within the next 2 weeks and mention Paul & Paula on check out and you will receive a surprise!

Did you already asked me anything?

I want one of those, very badly... which colour would you pick?

Are you looking for some new fonts, for your blog maybe... have a look over here.

Elephants are always good and if your child does not finish his plate... I am sure this cutie does.

Imagine your little one in this adorable coat? oooooooohhhh....
Love the colour!

Happy week end everyone, I included more pictures in my friday list... I think it looks more interesting... do you like it better?

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